The fleet-footed and energetic violinist for Celtic Woman talks about her beloved violin, pre-show activities and runs through a few practice tunes before being made up and heading out to perform. This video was uploaded “because it wasn’t there” and taken from – Please visit the site for touring info, interviews, contests and more. (Please keep comments respectful – profane, abusive or inflammatory remarks will be removed.)

24 Responses to “Celtic Woman – Mairead Interview Part 1”

  • Joe Quinn:

    The song she plays at the end is “J.S. Bach, Solo Sonata no. 1, Presto”

  • startrekkin1701:

    Where’s part 2?

  • Mihai Chitu:

    What is she playing from bach at the end?

  • TechnoMaster19960080:


  • RieMixX3:

    Hmm, sometimes her accent sounds a bit British…perhaps she’s been and stayed for long periods of time in England before and it just stuck with her native Irish tongue? *shrug* <3 ya Máiréad ! ^_^

  • MrCorrupted17:

    Im in love with her hehe

  • JuanDVene:

    even when practicing she can’t stand still 🙂

  • beansentina:

    mairead has been my inspiration since i was 3 and about a year ago, (i was 10,) bought my violin. i look up to her and lisa and recently mastered “the voice”. me and her have lots in common, and i think she is amazing and HILARIOUS!! my sis and i cried when we met her!! <3 you mairead!!!

  • sierra smith:

    dude i know how it feels to get lucky with a violin (that sounds a bit wrong) but this antique dealer let taught me the basics of the violin and i was a stranger! we never met until that day and she let me ME play her 100 year old violin sooooooo lucky

  • Lisa4Me2:

    If she is a sweetheart, I don’t know who is. What an amazing, amazing person Máiréad is. Love her to pieces.

  • IntoTheMystical:

    Glad I could help. Youtube seems to have a lot of nuts like that, don’t let them bother you, we all get them.

  • Analiketika411:

    Thanks 🙂 really appreciate it. some knucklehead on answers…ok so i put a question on there that said “who made Mairead Nesbitt’s violin” and this idiot comes up and answers “Your mom did it” so i was pissed. i called that person a bad name idk why i think its cuz i have a temper… anyway thank you! you are a nice person 🙂 <3

  • IntoTheMystical:

    I think the most common spelling of the violin maker’s name is Mathias Albani, at least that name can be found on Google.

  • Analiketika411:

    who made her violin again? thx

  • BigAl Weimer:

    for the fans of mairead nesbitt , ‘’ has a complete biography of her. it’s well worth reading.

  • ddthienvuong:

    Well, I’ll try, thanks.

  • IntoTheMystical:

    She does sing on her solo album. Search for:
    An Raibh Tu Ag an Gcarraig- Orin Curry(Witchfire Chronicles)

  • ddthienvuong:

    Her voice is nice, I wonder why doesn’t she sing?

  • pepperheadtoo:

    as I understand it — the maker of her violin taught Stradivari the craft !!

  • drmayeda1:

    It’s not a custom made violin. It was made in the 1700’s. I’m not familiar with Malthus. He may be in the same league as Stradivarius but not as well known internationally. I don’t have a musical background so how do you “warm up” a violin?

  • drmayeda1:

    It’s not a custom made violin. It was made in the 1700’s. I’m not familiar with Malthus.  He may be in the same league as Stradivarius but not as well known internationally

  • joel750:

    Man, if that custom made violin is her baby, i could only imagine if someone gave her a Genuine, Bonafide Stradivarius Violin…She probably kill anyone who would just staring at it! 😛

  • mlcw62:

    There is an Irish tune That I am dying to know the name of; it was in the end of ‘The Quiet Man’, and in ‘Little Big Man’s’; Custer’s Last Stand. I’m now in my 60’s and I still don’t know the name. I’m part Irish with gray hair that was once auburn. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry to butt in with the beautiful music, but I thought if anyone would know an Irish tune, it would be the Irish. Thanks in advance for any help! Marcie

  • ehnriko:

    How I wish… :-)…

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