Lyrics: A mother lived by the North Sea shore Daughters were the babes she bore One grew radiant as the sun Darkly grew the elder one A knight came riding to their door He travelled far to be their wooer He courted both with gold and rings But loved the younger o’er all things “Sister, won’t you walk with me To watch the ships sail o’er the sea?” As they walked the rocky shore The dark one pushed her sister o’er “Sister, sister, let me live All that’s mine I’ll surely give” “Thy bridegroom I will take and more But thou shalt never come ashore” Off she floated like a swan The salt sea bore her body on You could not see her lily feet Her golden fringes were so deep A minstrel walking by the strand Saw her body float to land When he looked that lady on He sighed and made a heavy moan He made a harp of her breastbone Whose sound would melt a heart of stone Took the strands of her bright hair And with them strung his harp so rare He brought the harp to the wedding hall There to play before them all When they set it on a stone The harp began to play alone The strings sang out a dreadful sound “The bride her younger sister drowned Now her secret you all know Her guilty tears will surely flow”

25 Responses to “Celtic Woman, Meav- The Wicked Sister”

  • MrBearsCave:

    I miss Meav and orla too to say CW stinks is not right, they are a group of extemly talented singers. I just bought the new Christmas cd and Meav is back. Lisa Lambe is not only beautiful but adds a new demention to the group,. Im humble opinion Cw was, is and always will be great. David just seems to know who to join CW at just the right time

  • bellerose234:

    Please see what I wrote to Stephen Rush and think that that is what I want to write to you now, okay?

  • bellerose234:

    I’m sorry if I offended you. I was just trying to get through that I think that Meav and Orla were sorta, you know, really extraordinary and special. Not trying to degrade CW.

  • Stephen Rush:

    I think “stinks” is overstating it. I miss Meav and Orla, but I’m thankful that CW can regenerate. As long as they have David, with his amazing talent for finding talent, Celtic Woman will be with us.

  • cmeashby:

    I like the variation on this song, “The two sisters”

  • Manon van der Maas:

    I love Méav! Random: that piano sound reminds me of The Sims…

  • 1sorryham:

    Yup, you might be a bit lonely with that opinion. While I miss Meav, I find Celtic Woman to be as good now (or perhaps a bit better) than they were originally.

  • bellerose234:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Celtic Women stinks now that Orla and Meav are gone?

  • starbug1409:

    I love Meav’s voice. :D

  • Andy Pratt:


  • MsRibbonsandPearls:

    Oh Lord her voice is sooo beautiful.

  • Destructivedoshi:

    I miss Celtic Woman. 🙁 *starts to cry*

  • animegal30350:


  • crystalys420:


  • maksphoto78:

    Voice of an angel.

  • Terephiel:

    @Mammamia: She does, but it depends on the version. Some have Anne (the older sister) actually being killed by William (the knight/miller’s son) himself. He seemingly has had it out for both of the sisters, but he ends up being executed as a result.

    Others have another stanza added after Isabel (the younger sister) reveals Anne’s crime, in which Anne herself is executed (usually by burning at the stake).

  • CelticMusings:

    Haha! Yes! Why doesn’t that ever happen?? Oh, poor archaic views of love! >_< Thanks for the comment! 😀

  • ShaiLethe:

    Love this version of the story. There’s so many variations, but this is the most upbeat I’ve heard yet. Also, am I the only one that thinks that instead of drowning one sister, they should’ve tossed the two-timing cad out on the curb?

  • Tangerine258:

    do you think that if lynn and alex left then meav and orla would be invited to come back? i look forward to that day.

  • mliasbethlivin4god:

    she got mad because the price guy picked the blond one! lol sorry I didn’t mean to laugh….. but I did because I have dark hair! thank goodness no one in my fam. has blond hair lol

  • lilibet939:

    Celtic Woman made a HUGE mistake when they let this lovely gifted lady go- she brought style, grace and a magnificent voice to their group and is dearly missed.

  • Yoshallo:

    The only problem is there isn’t much of a resolution, it needs one more closing verse.

  • Crusis135:

    OMG this song is so beautiful and sad at the same time o.o

  • Tiffany Gray:

    I love ALL of Meav’s songs!!!  She is so poetic and beautiful! She totally ROCKS!!!

  • Jennalovesrainbows:

    I love Meav, she is so amazing, she could sing anything and it would sound beautiful! My favorite song she sings is I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls

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