Celtic Woman (Orla Fallon) – Newgrange [A New Journey – Live at Slane Castle, 2007] For more, go to www.tg4.ie http

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  • orland0110:

    Orla is truly a very wonderful singer and a very wonderful person. Her singing voice in this video is so beautiful. She is truly amazing and one of my favorite celtic singers. I love Orla!

  • pinkprincesslexshue:

    @TG4gaeilge i have celtic woman a new journey and i like newgrange because it my favorite song and i love it

  • Wachatoey:

    She is beautiful, more than beutiful!

  • ImaginaryNightshade:

    The newest Celtic Woman member, Lisa Lambe, has red hair too! Although she used to be blonde, so I don’t know whether the red or the blonde is her real hair colour :p

  • defleplady:

    you should see Orla in person.i have met her three times face to face..and all i can say is she is drop dead gorgeous..in fact..ive met most of the celtic women..up close and Orla is just simply stunning in person.
    her talent .her style is my favorite as well..
    when i first saw celtic woman i was unaware she was no longer with them and was so disappointed.
    i especially love this song..and her mystical ,haunting , celtic voice.she is the best!

  • hillobffe:

    Have you ever noticed that she is the only redhead in Celtic Woman? GO REDHEADS! (imma redhead)

  • iamalittleitil:

    Orla, is by far, the most Irish of them all.

  • EnyaFan210:

    Don’t get me wrong! I adore Orla!!! I bought her first solo album and her Christmas CD and DVD. I really don’t know what I was doing even trying to compare the her and Enya. They’re voices are so different and so is the music they sing. Both artists are amazing in their own right.

  • UndercoverCracker:

    She is by far the best Celtic singer ever!!! I mean seriosuly listen to her voice here! 

  • mimichou53:

    toute la beauté a l’état pure , les voix et le visuelle on ne peut pas rester indifférent ( merci )

  • TheFairygirl1996:

    shes so cute. Orla has the best and the most beautiful voice of the group.!

  • UndercoverCracker:

    That last note always takes my breath away.

  • brennabuckingham:


  • ElxViraxCromwell:

    Thats what I thought, I still do…

  • ElxViraxCromwell:

    I agree whole heartedly with you my friend! Orla is my all time favorite as well..She had that hauntingly, charmingly beutful unique voice that one could never be forgotten misplaced…

  • starlight1215:

    One of the most beautiful and captivating voices I have ever heard…

  • lickmetender:

    i’d let her suck my wee wee, omg with those singing skills she could probably give a really good hummer. HMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • 071949:

    Something in the way she moves…

  • vizzarra:

    Orla is probably my favorite of the Celtic Women. She has the most unique voice, the most captivating voice. It’s of a mysterious kind. And she loves it. One could tell from the way she sings and her face. She loves it and so does everyone who hears her sing.

  • briillusion:

    I love this song so much! The only thing is, her eyes are a bit weird in some parts of the songs. Maybe it is just me, but her eyes like cross….

    Anyways, her voice is beautiful and I have almost every song she sings.. Her stage performance is simply wonderful… I love Celtic woman!

  • muaddib81268:

    Orla I like.

    To TheSingingSweater:

    Perhaps she’s been inspired by the likes of Enya and Clannad (her siblings/uncles). This song was from Clannad’s 1982 album anyway.

  • EnyaFan210:

    Ish… She’s not as amazing but she’s really close! :D

  • 7millimauser:

    This woman is quite capable of holding me in a trance. It happens every time I see them.

  • sefrims:

    Love this song she sings so soothingly and shes so graceful..

  • KristheLester:

    AMAZING! Most of Celtic Woman’s songs make me crying! Thanks for sharing!!

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