Music video by Celtic Woman performing The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress.

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  • CatsJams:

    I love Celtic Woman (have seen them in concert numerous times), Lisa, and this song so don’t get me wrong, but … I don’t think anyone can sing this song without having experienced true love found / true love lost.

  • brookemeganmartin:

    All I can say is that Lisa K. has such an angelic voice.

  • Talamox Smith:

    Nice rendition. I have no doubt that GaGa would do one equally as good.

  • Taubran:

    Since everyone seems to be talking about what they like and dislike, I feel inclined to say that I couldn’t care less about any of it. Albeit, I think (is it too arrogant to use the word “know?) that modern pre-teen-esue singers get more attention because of their style and obnoxious audience. But it agitates me when people hate on modern. It’s not all bullshit, you know. Just enjoy the music. Why does every video have to include disrespect for completely different artists?

  • greeneyes7377:

    I love all types of music im not going to hate on modern pop singers but artists like celtic woman should be just as well known and appreciated 😛

  • HansBethe0805:

    Agree. I am surprised to see that crappy music sung by young singers like Justin Bieber. cascada or Britney Spears received so many views. Their music are never as peaceful and beautiful as those sung by Celtic women. People listened to those crappy singers are most likely attracted by the obscene pictures rather than the beauty of the songs. Sad to see so many people do not have a good sense about truly beautiful music

  • poiuyt975:

    The book was released few years earlier so it suggests that Jimmy Webb, the composer, was inspired at least by the title. He is American so I don’t think that he never heard of Heinlein’s book. But who knows, maybe it’s just a coincidence.

  • Stephen Rush:

    Another old Heinlein fan here. The question is, did RAH grab the title of an old song, or did the composer see the novel and write his own story?

  • maskeyfilmz117:

    Finally someone who agrees with me! Because i like this music my cousin (who’s into things like that and rap) thinks i’m a wierdo. And something i noticed about singers who sing about sex is they all say the same thing. “Life’s short and you have to live it to the fullest.” And then after they say that they say… “So we’ve got to drink as much as we and can and have sex with random strangers!” This music has REAL depth.

  • tiviplayer:

    Your version ‘The moon’s harsh mistress’ is really good. Different than RUMER’s version but very nice, You have a sweet voice…natural…flows like honey. All the best. Tom

  • Lillemy1:

    ; Love her voice. My personal fav is Radka Toneff`s version! I made one too..its a vid respons to this. Please let me know if you like my version 🙂 Hilde

  • Lillemy1:

    ANGEL voice 🙂

  • William2020a:

    Checked out Rumer and she has a great voice but very one dimension from her other songs I played. Lisa has such range from belting out THE VOICE to making u cry in GOODNIGHT MY ANGEL that there’s no doubt who is the better singer. Lisa hands down…

  • tiviplayer:

    The lady called RUMER sings this song million times better. Checkout RUMER ‘The moon’s harsh mistress’ , I wonder if you agree withe me ???

  • Kirstieefly:

    i know 🙂 just thought id add in that incase anyone was wondering now hehe 🙂
    i would absolutely love to see the tour, and hear Susan in the group, only heard some of her stuff on here! 🙂

  • Kirstieefly:

    @gaeilge1O1 @CountryBuff08 And for the Believe DVD is Lisa Kelly, Chloe, Lisa Lambe & Mairead Nesbitt, and for the Believe Tour, as Lisa K is gone for maternity, the amazing Susan McFadden has joined for 2012!


    You make my night!

  • daveperkins1000:

    Jay Z, Beyonce - the 2 in the advertisements. I accept this as beauty and wisdom; despite what the world thinks. For the last 10 years, the world has been wrong!

  • daveperkins1000:

    Jay Z, Beyonce – the 2 in the advertisements. I accept this as beauty and wisdom; despite what the world thinks. For the last 10 years, the world has been wrong!

  • Lithawen:

    I love love love Celtic Woman and this is one of my favorite songs of theirs. Lisa is amazing! I wish I could find a instrumental version of this song so I can sing it at home 🙂

  • IntoTheMystical:

    I think of Heinlein every time I hear this song! I read his books when I was a teenager.

  • xosugarrrxo:

    honestly, i hear this song and i wonder how others my age (i’m 18) can call most of what they listen to good music or half the singers talented. so i apologize on behalf of my generation for their absolute lack in taste.

  • mlisakellyfanm:

    If you like Lisa please register on the IMA forum and vote for her to win the Irish music Awards for Best Female Vocalist. She deserves it. So please do.

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