Capital of scotland, edinburgh is the most beautiful city in United kingdom.This is the best view of edinburgh from eagles eye courtesy: visions of scotland

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  • supergripas:

    edinburgh is the most beautiful city of europe.i am not from scotland but this country is the best i have ever visited.when i had been there i visited everything.the castles the scott monument port augustus even the lake loch nes.the scottish are very lucky.they live in the heaven of the earth….its a pity i cant be there all the time……if you want to travel somewhere in europe,scotland and especially edinburgh are the best choices

  • pluto4847:

    I disagree. Scotland’s poor live amongst Edinburgh, and they have the lowest life expectancy in the entire industrilized world. What is being done to help Scotland’s poor. Apparently not enough because they are dying.
    When you make comments like Edinburgh has a high standard of living, step outside yourself and see how the poor live there.

  • doeelectro:

    born and bread aw ma life.. i breath Scotland by birthright! I am British by bloodline..**** the CONservative LIEbour and LIE’dems authority teaches my kid about his own ancestoral history or his great great grand fathers when they fought against Germany in 2 wars. Edinburgh is now a complete ethnic stew, not as bad as London , but its now diluting Scottish cuture…I will die, sword in hand,until our little island is a soveriegn nation again


    @sally50714 stay off the buckie thats very clichie have you ever been too anywere in edinburgh thats not the centre just as tough as glasgow on the outskirts

  • HotelsTVedinburgh:

    Hope this inspires you to come to Edinburgh. Please let me know if you need assistance booking accommodation here. Hope to see you soon.

  • hawkmannn:

    the royal mile is not 4 streets but 5 streets, abbey strand, canon gate, high street, lawnmarket, castle hill

  • shandon147:

    I live in Edinburgh and gotta say, far too many take it for granted that they live in such a great city and awesome surroundings. 🙂

  • 2ndapril2006:

    1:50 is an exception to the rule that Edinburgh is great.

  • cullyvan:

    I love edinburgh but you have to work seriously hard or have money already if you dont want to live in a student ghetto or a working class slum. away from the middle its all charity shops , bookies and pubs.

  • MissEgasMoniz:

    @sally50714 LOL – dialects aside – learn how to spell the language correctly before deciding what city should be capital. Just saying……..

  • MissEgasMoniz:

    Edinburgh is a great place to live – no doubt about it, but Glasgow has much more going on…..esp. music.

  • jumpingonglass:


  • sally50714:

    Edinburgh is all fur coat n nae knickers. Glesga shood be capital


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  • claudia93335:


  • scottishlad1987:

    @sally50714 sorry to hear that.

  • jerrygreg2:

    @sally50714 Congragulations!

  • Merci808:

    i live here and i am soo proud to live here

  • inkstersco:


    Not so much. You can get a flat overlooking the castle for 500 per month.

  • Jenna88wilk:

    I live in Edinburgh it is a great city. I have a blog with a lot of information on what there is to do here please have a look if your ineterested.

  • Hnchmchl85:

    I very much like the view of the city, what a city. I agree with my former English teacher…Edinburgh is a beautiful city.

  • sally50714:

    im from glasgow

  • JeanneRousseau:

    I’m going in either 2010 or 2011.

  • jambamz:

    ahhh mah hame toon!

  • clctitanic:

    I agree! :L

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