This is the seventh song from Clannad’s second album called Clannad 2, from 1975.

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  • Alessandro Borlenghi:

    It’s a waulking song originally from the Isle of Lewis, outer Hebrides. So it’s definitely scottish Gaelic. But their pronounciation is a bit more “gaeilge” than “gàidhlig” 🙂

  • lordevarts:

    may not be able to understand the language, but it’s energetic.

  • Seán Ó Maoldúin:

    “Now I’m not versed anywhere near enough in Irish matters to even know the definition of Donegal Irish…”
    I am versed enough in Irish matters. It is Irish. The band is from the Donegal Gaeltacht in Ireland.

  • Salman Kamil:

    wow I’m just baffled at my ignorance every time I find something like this… thank you, Ireland… thank you.

  • KairisVardron:

    Well, the text in its written form is very much Scottish. And the pronunciation is also quite Scottish. Now I’m not versed anywhere near enough in Irish matters to even know the definition of Donegal Irish, and, assuming it doesn’t refer to a dialect of the Irish language, you may be right; but, yeah, as said, the written lyrics are very much Scottish.

  • Seán Ó Maoldúin:

    Actually, it’s Donegal Irish.

  • KairisVardron:

    What’s certain is that the song is Scottish Gaelic, and their pronunciation is a tad Irish. ;P

    Doesn’t matter. The song is still awesome.

  • TheDockerfan:

    I read somewhere that this is an old weaving song Is this right?

  • Gawaine687:

    one of my clannad favorites! i love moya, but what with most of the songs with her as lead singer, it makes the ones where ciaran has the solo all the more wonderful!

  • Galin Georgiev:

    One of my favorite Gaelic songs ever!

  • steinyahoo:

    celticlyricscorner net / clannad / dheanainn htm

  • jura1:

    we love this song in Russia also.

  • muisire:

    Ar an leibhéal is aoirde ar fad – could hardly be better – a majestic song from Gaelic Scotland sung by Clannad in Donegal Gaelic. Long may Gaelic prosper – with songs like this it has earned its keep…

  • spacelau:

    WHaou!!!!!Sublime je decouvre cette version, apres avoir ecouté en boucle celle de stivell puis celle des Poozies…….SUblime !!!!!!!!!!!

  • bookkeeper57:

    Features voice of Ciaran Brennan (bass fiddle player)

  • majaMITICA:

    adore this song…

  • Tom Fugelsang:

    love the break+electric solo

  • cocrcici:

    kako volim ovu pesmu,sav se najezim

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