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8 Responses to “Day 5 Man Of The House Part 1 #Bodhran”

  • BoomBoomPow90210:

    Hey, do you think you could do something like this [playing along with music], showing us the back of the drum with a mirror, like you’ve done in previous videos?
    I <3 your videos, BTW. I've seen most, if not all of them. Thanks so much!!

  • stubowl1:

    thank you thank you so much. i love this drumming. i’m not very good but i’m getting there thanks to you

  • dougblane:


    I am finding when I move my back hand over the goats skin it makes a slight scratchy noise. I have treated the skin once with dubbing. Is there anything else I can do to make this smoother, i.e. no should when I move my hand?


    BTW: Excellent 7 lesson videos, many thanks.

  • dejpau3825:

    Hey, a mirror! That’s a great idea! Either way, showing us the left hand is still incredibly helpful, so thank you!

  • BodhranMasterclass:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I was actually trying to think of what to do there. Thought of using a big mirror on the other side of the drum, but the light idea is great too. Will have to play around with it to see what works best. Thank you.

  • dejpau3825:

    Your videos are amazing!

    I just have one suggestion…

    When you want to show us how to change the tone with your left hand, it might be easier just to put a light behind your bodhran. It just looked so uncomfortable for you to have to turning your body!

  • Tomeroar:

    Even before going to part 2, this is great playing along with. Thanks.

  • koroku21:

    I am the first one! yupii, love to hear more you and music ( especially “toss the feathers” – i would really like to learn that )

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