Me and my friends play a game; each night somebody closes her eyes, and puts her finger on the map. She cooks food from whichever country she has picked. And today was my turn and I picked British Isles (well, my finger was touching only Scotland, but they accept all of them, so it can be Welsh, English or Irish as well as Scottish). Is there a british dish that tastes remotely good?? I don’t need recipes, just names. And it would be nice if you named desserts as well as main dishes. Thanks.

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  • Tracy M:

    Fish and Chips!

  • Mike H:

    shepards pie

  • asker 777:


  • billydeezx:

    leg of lamb, with trifle as dessert….make your custard from scratch, and it’ll be one of the best dinners you’ve ever had.

  • debbie in spain:

    A good old fashioned Shepherd´s pie and you won´t go wrong. Also Toad -in- the Hole, Roast Chicken with sage and onion stuffing, Honey Glazed Gammon, Irish Stew, Braised Oxtail, Beef Stew and Dumplings, Welsh Rarebit, Cullen Skink, Lemon Meringue Pie, Queen of Puddings, Sussex Pond Pudding, Summer Pudding, Bread and Butter Pudding, Egg Custard Tart, Bakewell Tart and SHERRY TRIFLE!! To name but a few.

  • MYRA C:

    The food is really good.

    Scotland: Wild Atlantic Salmon – Cream cakes

    Wales: Leek pie – Berry pie

    England: Steak & Kidney pie – Trifle

    Ireland: Irish Stew – Sticky pudding

  • Big Fat Cat:

    I’m always surprised to see this question in a predominantly American message board. The difference between American and British cuisine is far less than say, the difference between Chinese and Korean food. So assuming most Americans like their food, why would they continue to propagate the idea that British food is awful?

    No, it’s not adventurous, but if you focus on the savory, warm flavors of British food, it can be quite good. A cornish hen roast with stuffed rice can be wonderful, and there is nothing better than a shepherd’s pie, which is more or less like mashed potatoes over a bed of thick beef stew.

    Since you’re going for easy entertaining, shepherd’s pie and christmas cookies can be great and simple.

  • i_do_not_like_stupidity:

    beef wellington
    Irish lamb stew with Guinness
    Fish and chips
    Welsh rarebits (sometimes called rabbits)
    Ginger cookies

  • Gene H:

    Don’t be foolish. British food being bad, that’s the bandwagon thing. Lamb is utilized a great deal there and few do it as well. Their various meat pies are a delicacy. Just because dumb people carry on with gossip doesn’t make it true.

  • PETER:

    Jeeee, you really got into trouble there.
    The safest way would be fried eggs with bacon or with sausage.

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