Like does the name have to be of their ancestor, or from their country etc? I’m just curious as to how they choose the names, or if they simply look up names from a Baby-Name Book.

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  • Diana Tais:

    There is no set of rules and junior Royals are more or less free to do as they please. Even some of the senior Royals may throw in a surprise or two; Princess Anne’s choice of name for her daughter (Zara) was quite uncommon at the time, Peter Philips has named his first-born daughter and Her Majesty’s first great-grandchild Savannah (an uncommon name for British Royal Family), etc.

    Senior Royals, however are expected to abide by certain unwritten rules:
    1. The name of the eldest son and daughter will be tradition, preferably ones that have long history in the family, to show continuity
    2. The names will be British
    3. The names will likely include a traditional Scot, Welsh or Irish names, to emphasize the Monarch reigns over the entire country
    4. The name will not be uncommon, hard to pronounce, etc.

  • Lili:

    In the UK, the monarch approves the names of children very close to the throne, and the monarchs have usually preferred traditional names — meaning that yes, the name of an ancestor or some previous royal somewhere is more likely to get a thumbs-up than some unusual name picked from a baby name book.

    In other words, the parents choose a name and ask the monarch what he or she thinks. If the name had not belonged to a previous royal but wasn’t too weird or frivolous, the monarch would probably say, “Fine”.

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