vikings are in a way like the celts and one some pictures ive seen and some thigns in museums there were stone slabs with celtic knots on them and they were viking stone slabs and on films and pictures they have celtic knows on buildings and sometimes things like shields and helmets

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  • Mental IV:

    Gauls are known to be Celts. Celts lived throughout Europe, except Scandinavia and the Mediterranean Peninsulas.

    The connection between the two people are fairly remote due to time and space.

    However, the Vikings are known to have had made an impact on Normandy. The Vikings raided the Romantic state of Normandy whose citizens used to be Celts.

  • Alfhild:

    The Vikings raided Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, and certainly came into contact with the Celtic populations there. Where they settled, the Vikings sometimes married local women – the Kings of the Isle of Man were of mixed Norse, Irish, and Scottish blood.

    Most of the knotwork commonly referred to as ‘Celtic’ actually comes from the Anglo-Saxon illuminated manuscripts: the Vikings had their own versions of interlaced forms in artwork. Celtic artwork tends to be based on the spiral and the ‘key’ pattern.

    All three cultures wore broadly similar clothing, almost always some variation on a pair of trousers and a long-sleeved tunic, topped off with a cloack in cold weather. Weaponry was also similar, revolving around the concept of a shield and a spear, backed up with a sword of some sort if you were rich enough to afford one or a simple axe or belt knife if you were poorer.

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