There really is such a thing, well known in Scotland. Don’t want to add any detail as it might influence your answer.

8 Responses to “Does anybody outside Scotland know what a square sausage is ?”

  • Ellabombella:

    isnt it like spam???

  • Bite_Me:

    I have NO idea what a square sausage is :L

  • herbivor:

    Yes, thanks to the power of the internet, I know what it is.

    What is Scotland’s obsession with fried, fatty foods?

  • Nimi:

    Nope, never hear of it (I’m in Canada)

  • SmartAZ:

    Yes. If a person in Scotland who knows what a square sausage is leaves Scotland, then that person outside Scotland knows what a square sausage is.

    Maybe you meant to ask something different?

  • Lepke:

    Sorry, no clue. Can’t wait to find out, though. (I am in the US)

  • ♥.ı lσvє kєииα.♥:

    I’m from the USA. And i can only guess it is like a hamburger?

  • The Unknown Chef:

    I am a former chef and have had it a number of times, were some have links of sausage, sausage patties, in Scotland they have it in square patties, I have bought it here in Canada, I am in Toronto ON and go to a Scottish butcher shop and buy square sausage patties, mealy pudding and haggis slices too, they cook faster and are a common element in Scotland and the scottish version of a Full English breakfast.

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