Images of County Donegal with the music of Na Casaidigh. The song is ‘Cill Chais’.

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  • folksinger123:

    I think Na Cassaidigh have the right idea about trying to promote Irish music. They play the old stuff in a modern way to make it acceptable today, only way to go.

  • mandala1945:

    Bless you for posting this pictorial, I was born in the wilds of Donegal in 1945. I left as an infant and never returned. Its wonderful to see the place of my birth. I will return one day.. Again thankyou. from Florida USA.

  • sirprankalot1:

    nice! i have a Clarke in the key of C and a feadog in the key of D, love both!:)

  • avemaria716:

    Same here. I have a Clarke key of D, and this’ll sound so cool on it!

  • MrFocaleile:

    scottish gaelic is but welsh is a different celtic language altogether

  • greed1958:

    Is not Welsh and Scott’s gallic all bassed on the Irish root.???

  • sirprankalot1:


  • DonegalBlog:

    Lovely 🙂
    some excellent Pics
    only thing missed The Head from Malin

  • DonegalBlog:

    Lovely 🙂
    some excellent Pics

  • CelticBhoy1991:

    God Bless the Land of My Grandparents

    Cead Mile Falte

    From Aberdeen Scotland

  • ladykisses1967:

    OK,,, Ill give it too you,, your an Irish man at heart

  • TheLangelander:

    I grew up in Donegal but have lived the most of my life abroad, but I am still a Donegal man. Dont you think that immigrants to Ireland feel the same. Ive fallen in well with the natives here and dont feel Im unwanted here. I do hope my fellow countrymen recieve guest workers as Ive been treated here in Denmark.

  • badaboom714:

    please let me know if anyone knows if there is a flute/ bagpipes version of this song?

  • DONEGAL1974:

    Glencolmcille is one of the best places in donegal for views and history and u do it no justice ! desmond o’gara ! A disgrace !!!

  • DONEGAL1974:

    What a **** view of Glencolmcille you bunch of cowboys !!!

  • Bouncybon:

    I just favourited this as an acknowledgement of Jake in Donegal. The creator of jakeshomevideos. Check out his shimmering vids and vlogs.

  • Northbound89:

    Racist is a word used to silence people who don’t get with the liberal agenda.
    You’re not a racist in wanting to preserve your own culture and identity.

  • Northbound89:

    Well I did say ‘most’ Irish people to be fair.
    I’m glad you’re against mass immigration and believe the Irish language should be revived, but surely you must see the indifferent attitude of Irish society today. True nationalistic people don’t stand for diversity.

  • Northbound89:

    Notice I said the word ‘like’, which means I was comparing your ignorance to his.
    Most Irish people today have a liberal mind-set. If the Irish people were truly proud of their heritage and held fast to their traditions then the country wouldn’t be in it’s current state. The Irish language wouldn’t be as neglected as it is now. The people wouldn’t be embracing a globalist/consumerist way of life. Multiculturalism would never have been allowed to grip our shores etc etc.

  • Northbound89:

    You’re like another person from Donegal I spoke with who thinks there is not many immigrants in Ireland. You’re clueless.

  • Northbound89:

    That may be the case in the reveries of an American, but unfortunately it’s not reality.

  • Northbound89:

    Proud of their heritage? The reality is most “Irish” people don’t care about their heritage. That is why they’re docile to the fact that their country is being butchered by traitors and foreign influence alike. You give the people an illusionary amount of money(Celtic Tiger) and they’ll forget all about who they are, which they have!

  • GuitarIsLife94:

    I’d kill to be back in Donegal. Long live clan O Fearadhaigh. This video explains why the Irish are so proud of their heritage

  • kiliodoulos26:

    amazing music! many greets from Greece!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saylemore:

    my family comes from Donegal, but I’m also French and German and Native American.

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