Dropkick Murphys – Avalon Intro 03/18/07 with Cadence to Arms originally by the Chieftains

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  • kargwain187:

    @roguelead72 Respect to you my comrad … and im a republican too 🙂 … lets not let religion or borders divide us 🙂

  • Legionairius807:

    epic u wudn understand it unless u were irish born and bred! and for anyone who criticises protestants needs to read irish history! 1798 wolfe tone and henry joy 2 of the greatest irishmen who ever lived fought and died for ireland were protestants. there is a massive difference between protestants and unionists! tiocfaidh ar la

  • dermcollins:

    @fightinscot what u on bout thats sinead o connor and the chieftans

  • fightinscot:

    @jamesrbobdobbs This is their opening. A lot of bands do this.

  • jamesrbobdobbs:

    So can I go on stage and play someone else’s CD, film some near total blackness on video and call it a performance by me?

  • AnnoyingBeast:

    why do you think theres orange in the irish flag? green white and oroange, peace between catholics and protestants.

  • frankymagoo:

    well said rogue i n fact if small minded ppl read there history they would see it was protestants that started the united irish league in the first place so me being a catholic would like to thank all those protestant men who fought and died for our cause it will never be forgottin! T.A.L ERIN GO BRAGH

  • coirpeach1:

    @islandmuffin sf traitors

  • roguelead72:

    I may hate the Red Sox and Patriots, but some great music comes out Boston.

  • islandmuffin:

    Sinn Fein!

  • Molliec22:

    @maitudeburca He was an Irish Republican to the point that while he was away fighting for the deal he left instruction for my Great-Gran to help the Rising here however possible. So while he was fighting side by side with the British, my Great- Gran was gun running for the IRB in town!
    So don’t presume to know peoples ideologies without studing the facts first! I’ll give you that your comments might be more realistic in regards to WW2 but not for WW1 and that is fact!

  • Molliec22:

    @maitudeburca I know it was a year ago your comment but can’t ignore it. My great grandad although yes they were poor this was not the reason he fought along side the British it was because of the proposal put towards the Irish that if they fought the war they would be given their full freedom. Surprise Surprise a promise that was never fullfilled!
    He died because of a shrapnel injury in that war, he did not die for money but for his own country Ireland!

  • CIARANG85:

    twas better to die neath a irish sky!! Eire go deo mo chairde!!!

  • RepublicOf32:

    There’s no educating them lad. They oppose freedom wherever they set their imperialist feet. Fucks me off to a wile degree.

  • smythy68:

    32 counties no border , mo chara, hes not orange he,s confused …???TLA

  • RepublicOf32:

    Home to Ulster? Don’t you mean Scotland? Even so, Ulster has 9 counties, 3 of those are in the Free state.
    Stupid orange ****.


    @maitiudeburca or maybe a fake promise of home rule from the brits another lie in a long line of lies but that imperialistic excuse of a nation look what they’re doin to the afghans and Iraquies its like belfast all over again

  • moxy1916:

    MrSetzer you sound bitter and twisted,Is it because you just found out your sister is really your mother
    TIOCFAIDH AR LA!!. Dropkick Murphys rule!!!

  • MrSetzer:

    Plastic wannabes:
    Scruffy Wallace – English-born Canadian
    Jeff DaRosa – Italian-American
    Tim Brennan
    James Lynch
    Al Barr – Scottish/German-American
    Ken Casey
    Matt Kelly

  • MrSetzer:

    In dungeon deep I know what fate awaits me,
    Tied hand and foot, the foe have bound me fast,
    And in my haste, I pray that God above me,
    Will grant me this wish I know will be my last.

    Don’t bury me in Eireann’s Fenian valleys,
    Just take me home, in Ulster let me rest,
    And on my gravestone carve this simple message:
    Here lies a soldier of the UVF.

  • MrSetzer:

    Rangers – FTP – Rem 1690 – KAT – BJK – LVF – No Surrender – Linfield

  • Mixxer182:

    she left out a verse is this song… shame id say it was the best verse

  • donkrichie79:

    cool !! must see them sometime

  • BillBerklee:

    @donkrichie79 – Yes, EVERY gig!

  • donkrichie79:

    do thry start every gig with this ?

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