This is part one of the Dundurn Castle tour. More parts to come.

21 Responses to “Dundurn Castle (inside tour) Part one”

  • truefroglamp:

    Such macabre music!

  • nolove85es:

    yeah i went there for a night tour very creepy.

  • bababooey7576:

    I was at Dundurn when I was a kid. I only remember this place where the ice was stored. i can see it in my mind. other than that, this seems all new.

  • bababooey7576:

    @TheSpectralReview oh man! The Changeling, what a creepily cool house and movie. and that pounding from the bowels of the house every morning…

  • safiyaclaire:

    You did a great job with the video

  • safiyaclaire:

    it is beautiful..i would love to see this in person

  • Ms1Musso:

    what’s this castle? it’s so beautiful

  • FandubSongs1:

    imagine you take the castle go home and review it and saw a ghost OMFG scary

  • sunshine2starlight:

    Ahh the music made me feel like something was going to jump out at me. But I love this place, so magical.

  • salemcripple:

    I would hate to have to be the one who’s job it was to split, and haul the wood required for the all the fire places that are needed just to keep such a place warm. And having to tend to all those fires all night. My house has a wood burning stove, i love it, but it’s just so much work to keep it going. And it’s only ONE! And a small one at that. Beautiful house though!

  • TheSpectralReview:


    The music is from The Changling soundtrack from the actual movie, thanks for asking!

  • osaniss:

    What is this music called?
    id be happy if you told me 🙂

  • osaniss:

    What is the music called? 😀

  • rturnerful:

    @TheSpectralReview—–I know it’s been a while since you posted and I hope you’re still around and doing just fine. What is this music? It is incredible.  What a beautiful clip and my favorite is the staircase in the foyer.. Now that’s really a elegance staircase.

  • MsFreedom99:

    Very nice!

  • BunnyDrops:

    She didnt seem to mind so good for you brave one! I love that big bay window and I wish I had it. Bet the view from it is spectacular too. I love Dundurn Castle. I guess thats so obvious eh?

  • TheSpectralReview:

    Actually, I never formally ASKED to take a video, I just DID IT. lol.

    I asked on the phone if it was ok to do a video and a person on the phone said I needed to ask the tour guide, but I never did, in case she said NO.

  • BunnyDrops:

    Hi Mark: They let you take video inside the castle? Thats awesome! You make me want to go back to days of long ago and live there in those days. Dont know about the dress code tho… I’m a jeans kinda girl. But imagine the glamour of that centurly… Great job!

  • LonelyBoyProductions:

    I looooove it!! music is perfect! and your camera angles are great too.
    i still cant believe they let you video tape it.
    i remember when they used to not even let you take your cameras in there.
    Great Job!!
    looking forward to the next part.

  • DeeDeeBortyBoo:

    Awesome video I wish I went with you guys that day. Next time I will go for sure I would love to know the history behind Dundurn Castle.

  • daveyphotos:

    Awesome video,Mark! I’m sure you’re getting better with the number of vids you do. This one seems to show that you’ve out-done yourself! Try toping this now.

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