Hungry anyone? Three beef burgers, two chicken fillets, two bean patties, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, two slices of bacon, two pineapple rings, mushro…

5 Responses to “Edinburgh’s Biggest Burger Challenge”

  • TexRanger1836:

    That is spectacular. I am definitely going to the City Cafe the next time that I am in Edinburgh.

  • lumo0968:

    Nothing against a good burger but that’s disgusting…

  • Michael Friedman:

    You must have a huge appetite to devour all this !

  • eswillie:

    after watching this and “Glasgow’s Best Burger”, i surmise that the Scots have a fixation on pineapple, and somebody there cornered the market. as for the burger itself, i won’t comment except to say that having seen the General Manager (who’s more beautiful than a spring sunrise), there should be better things to do on a cold and damp Scottish evening than submit to a Burger Challenge.

  • Richard K:

    If I ever visit Scotland that would be the last thing I would eat.

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