The images in this video have been taken from several internet sites. Music composed by Enya. All voices and instruments by Enya as well. Lyrics by Roma Ryan. Video made by me lol

25 Responses to “Enya, Evacuee”

  • McClernand2:

    Is bean fior eireannach is…go mbeir si bua agus beannacht go brath

  • kfspiano:

    Beautiful song, and your images well done…except the last image ! That pornographic, cynical image of monster Israeli children sarcastically writing notes on the bombs that their parents are going to drop on innocent Palestinian children during CastLead. How could you be so insensitive as to include that horrible image? Shame on you! If you have a conscience, you will recognize your error and remix your film with some more appropriate image that fits with the beauty of Enya’s thoughts.

  • imlivinitupniggaz:

    daaaaayng niggaz, dis irish talk worse dan em detroit ebonix, deyz be FREAKS!

  • sofroniaful:

    The only enya song to actually make me cry. I always think of loved ones leaving and growing up when I hear this song.

  • 52nadhir:

    Enya’s songs touch the soul and seem to reach out to the heavens…Wow, breathtaking!

  • 52nadhir:

    @gailnextdoor . Thank you for putting into words how I feel about Enya and her exquisite music.

  • xkathgirlx:

    This song is so meaningful. Think about going to sleep everynight wondering if your parents were still alive.

  • xkathgirlx:

    We listened to this in school for WW2. I was the only one who cried.. Such a beautiful song!

  • DoctorDreh1988:

    every time i ear this music, it makes me cry!

    i miss my mother …

  • TheMarigold763:

    This song is hauntingly sad but
    beautiful….i adore all her songs….
    ty for the lovely video…

  • orthodoxaniata:

    A great song, in an amazing video, congradulations! Maria from Greece

  • FireF00X:

    How sad ;_; but its a very nice song indeed.

  • hopebgood:

    Beautiful. Makes me get all teary eyed. But in a nice way πŸ™‚

  • bonitaalwazan:

    W W W . 50U . ORG <--- Download this Video in different formats

  • bonitaalwazan:

    W W W . 50U . ORG <--- Download this Video in different formats

  • gailnextdoor:

    God Bless you Enya !
    you are like a Universal Mom-
    no mattter how old we are,
    or where in the world we live-
    your wonderful Heart shines through your music
    and your messages touch us deeply

  • Kookies40:

    This song is about the evacuees.

    They were children in the UK during WW2. They were sent away from the big cities which were constantly being bombed, and sent to live with families in the country side, (where it was much safer), until the war ended.
    The words are very poignant, as some the children would probably never see their parents again.

  • musicnarts22:

    the older images with the trains you used makes me thing of this very much of a war song. when all the soldiers leave, not knowing wether tey will be back or not. The horns int it help with that πŸ™‚ not a song i listened to much but i had this casette when i was yung… <3

  • lmoretti5:

    Yes, It is Leaving…

    Each time on my leaving home
    I run back to my mother’s arms,
    one last hold and then it’s over…..

  • cowboydan0:

    is it “living home”? i’m pretty sure its “leaving home”

  • tall32guy:

    This is one of my favorite songs of Enya’s and always has been. I’ve always LOVED the trumpter (or whatever horn it is) solo at and near the end.

  • 126022:

    Enya forever.. spiritual songs peaces…thank you so much….

  • caietanum:

    …Bellissimo video…con una “grande” Enya!!!

  • GAhomestead:

    Perfect words, perfect timing, and Enya. What more could I ask for: not to have to go? I’d forgotten about this song! BTW — born in England — stuck dying in USA. Who’s side am I supposed to be on? ROFLMAO

  • EmilyistheName:

    I totaly agree with braincloth. There is no point to argue over somthing so small. You Tube is great for finding music you have not heard in years.. or just simply enjoying your favorite artist.. take Enya for Example. She has provided us all with some great music. so just enjoy it and remember it and love and be optimistic about Life ! πŸ™‚
    Thank You for reading πŸ™‚

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