Falling For A Dancer: (1998) Ireland, 1937. Young, beautiful and trusting, Elizabeth Sullivan’s world suddenly turns tragic. Pregnant after a brief affair, her family quickly marries her to an older farmer and banishes her to a remote County Kerry peninsula. Here Elizabeth resigns herself to a loveless, brutal marriage and begins to raise a family. This is when Elizabeth’s life really begins to change. She knows that she can find true love, but she has to discover a lot about herself first.

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  • kensyyy:

    yo´╗┐ la tengo en dvd ­čśÇ

  • ur4ever1:

    Thank you so much for´╗┐ uploading! Love this movie!!!

  • flaffylally:

    the colour is terrible, bad quality… ´╗┐

  • MrsMagorium:

    Thanks so much for uploading this. I’ve wanted to see this again for´╗┐ years.

  • IZADORA41:

    Si alguien sabe donde´╗┐ esta esta pelicula en espa├▒ol, please?

  • sissieurope:

    Thank´╗┐ for posting in you-tube!

  • amoura1966:

    @ greayre Thank you so much for all your time and effort in uploading FFAD.You have done an excellent job.I’d like to also say that Iam very grateful and appreciate the effort you make to ´╗┐ it safer so that we can enjoy watching this masterpiece on UTube.

  • bocatsmom:

    Thank you. I know it is hard to differentiate on some written posts, when one doesn’t have the benefit of infliction and tone, or facial expressions. I know it takes a lot of time to upload all those parts and I think it better´╗┐ and safer to assume everyone is grateful if they are taking the time to watch it all and even posts comments. Anyway, we all make mistakes about things like this, so no problem.

  • GrainneMhaol:

    Please forgive me if my tone´╗┐ was snippy. I guess I assumed you were one of those entitled people who don’t appreciate the hard work that lots of people put into uploading videos for us. I come across so many ugly comments that it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate between the two. I will try not to assume so much in future.

  • dearjenny684:

    You’re welcome. ­čÖé It’s ridiculous when people´╗┐ getting snippy in their youtube comments. It’s not a problem, I was confused at first as well.

  • bocatsmom:

    Thank you´╗┐ for the nice reply. I didn’t know it would be a problem.

  • bocatsmom:

    You think I am not grateful? If so, you assume´╗┐ too much.

  • ZaannJacquelyn:

    wow they’re´╗┐ all so mean

  • dearjenny684:

    She can’t put the full titles. Because of copyright issues´╗┐ youtube would take them down. This is the only way she can even put them up.

  • GrainneMhaol:

    The initials are there to lessen the chances of´╗┐ it being taken down. You should be grateful it’s here at all.

  • bocatsmom:

    Thanks, but I was hoping she would post the full titles of all the movies´╗┐ she uploads. I really enjoy them, but sadly, my memory for the titles isn’t that good.

  • Jennangelstar:

    falling for a dancer

  • bocatsmom:

    I wish you spelled out the whole title instead of using just the initials as I am not familiar with your movies and have no idea´╗┐ what the initials mean.

  • Bossmanrocks:

    Fabulous´╗┐ movie. Shows a different side to the Irish than something like Angela’s Ashes which leads people to believe all Irish are lowlifes. This movie is available on Netflicks btw.

  • vigash2007:

    Thank you ever so much for this! I’ve read the book many times and could not find the movie. Now I’ve been glued to´╗┐ the screen this whole afternoon. Thank you Greayre,
    you’ve made me very, very happy!

  • captainmcsnappypants:

    Episodes [1, 2, 3, etc.] START on the right. The subsequent Parts follow on the´╗┐ left. They are in reverse order. This is the British way. —

  • kotik122:

    “breath of´╗┐ fresh air” she’s smoking

  • yowee1234:

    Thanks for´╗┐ posting this. ­čÖé

  • anonimi2009eponimi:

    i´╗┐ havent watched it yet but the story reminds me of tess of the d’ urbevilles…am i right?

  • yvonnethepom:

    enjoyed´╗┐ it so much!!!

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