Classic groove – high notes break up a little – oh well.

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  • TwainsBlues:

    Ha – thx DJ – I’ve played this tune a whole lot of times to Cats grabbin’ beers. After a loooong layoff, I’m just starting to get back to playin’ the clubs. Next time I do Moondance, I’ll raise a glass to you! Have fun ‘Groovin’.

  • iamDJfire:

    Man. SMH I was looking for the original and just wanted to hear this while I went for a beer. You were banging. I thought it was beautiful. Gonna play it for my girl later. Nice work. I even forgot about what i went here for and went to your “Groovin” Love me some Rascals.

  • TwainsBlues:

    Just me noodlin’ around. If you look thru the comments below, you’ll see a link to a midi file you can jam with. Have fun! Thx for stopping by.

  • MissRiri1994:

    Is this a version that we can buy or your own interpretation? If it is sheet music, do you know where i may be able to get a copy please? Sounds awesome! Thanks

  • TwainsBlues:

    Sadly I’m VERY SHARP on this vid. Pulling out will lengthen the flute and flatten it some. Too much will ruin the ratio between the keys. Blowing harder definitely will cause the pitch to go sharp. I blow pretty hard & LOUD 🙂 So, I have to pull out quite a bit. Check online for an – audio tuner particularly one that will play the note so you can hear it. Practice one note at a time and try to match the pitch. Have fun

  • cookiesonsteve:

    So, if a flute is “sharp”, how do you get it back to normal? I mean, does it depend on how you play or do you have to go get it tuned like a violin?

  • cookiesonsteve:

    I showed my mom my new flute and she picked it up and started playing this song… I was like WHA??? Prob hasn’t played since the 70’s. LOL

  • TwainsBlues:

    Thx, man. Keep blowin’!

  • truckertwotimes:

    I love it, bravo 

  • groovefan101:

    Very nice job. do you know where I can get the music for the flute part.

  • TwainsBlues:

    Thx Dr. Make sure you take extra care at your final to make sure you’re in tune. Something I wished I done for this clip. When the flute’s in tune, it’s deinitely easier to skittle around on. Good luck!

  • Joel Feitler:

    best flute playing i’ve ever heard. i have a band final in a couple weeks and i chose to play moondance, i just wish i could play it as well as you

  • sweetie42588:

    Dude you’re awesome!! Love this song!!

  • danettecute:

    Excellent—so cool !

  • ofdoubtsandgod:

    Man – nice playing!

  • renaudmh:

    wow that is good! do you have sheet music ??? can you link?

  • TwainsBlues:

    Yeah very sharp. I’ve considered taking it down a few times, but it’s not like the rest of the vids aren’t each flawed in their own way. So, I just have to cringe when I look back. Plugs are because my fingers don’t sit well on the Flute. Too tight. 30 Yrs of sax has my fingers spread way off center. Maybe some day once I’ve learned how to play in tune & have mastered all the methods of articulation, I’ll pop out one plug at a time.

  • ttay1122:

    Good but your flute sounds a bit sharp. Why the plugs?

  • v1s1onsofjohanna:

    How can I get the sheet music for this song? You play it very well. Enjoyed it.

  • kmeyer360:


  • TwainsBlues:

    here ya go – //

  • kmeyer360:

    What arrangement is this? It’s lovely!

  • TwainsBlues:

    I try to practice safe news. Not like my day when you didn’t have to worry about catching anything from Cronkite. ‘Course occasionally spontaniety gets the best of me – & I watch a little CNN.

  • TwainsBlues:

    Thx. Interesting thoughts flowing over there on your site.. BT

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