In Galway I interviewed actor Diarmuid de Faoite about the flourishing arts scene.

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  • conneellyp:

    I lived in galway for over 25 years but had to move to australia due to the economy down turn, I miss the night life and heading down to the local for a pint and watching soccer on the Saturday,if Ireland had the good economy back and good weather it would be the best country on earth.

  • promathia1:

    OMg. I fcking miss Galway. I did a Study Abroad during the Summer this year. I miss the people I was with and the new people i met. Ireland was awesome! so where the bars and clubs and history. got to the Aren Islands!

  • redasho1:

    Ahhh makes me love Galway even more reading all these lovely comments..thank guys 🙂

  • redasho1:

    @Camnun U’ll get used to it…join us 😉

  • redcushion24:

    i lived in galway for a year and am surprised i didnt myself in shop street here lol. i miss it ;(

  • BetamaxLives03:

    Is shouting “PEEDO” and “****” at people who disagree with your ultra-rightist political agenda really how you understand things work in the Irish political landscape, Michael Quinn?

    That plus the incessant clicking on the “vote up” icon leads me to believe that YouTube is about as far as you’re going to go this time, my smelly little nazi buddy!

  • BetamaxLives03:

    DRM Franchisee # 3, are you running around YouTube repeatedly clicking on the “vote up” icon for your own retarded little comments?

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    I really am looking forward to finding out what other weaponry you have in your psychological arsenal!

  • BetamaxLives03:

    Seriously DRM Franchisee # 3…

    If you are Michael Quinn simply setting up a bunch of supporting YT channels, and running around saying “hail to you and bless you” to your self… it’s pretty funny!

    In the less like event that you are actually a different person, it’s still pretty funny!

    Either way, I can’t loose!

  • overlander:

    @Camnun the average temp in the Galway Pubs is around 25 degrees, so you should be fine 🙂

  • Camnun:

    I am thinking of moving to Galway for a while, It seems to be a nice place but Iam wondering on how to deal with the cold. Iam from Brazil and in my city the avarege temp. on the winter ia around 25 degrees celcius 🙂

  • cirfia:

    i love love love galway….so arty..musical..and culture steeped!

  • navrats:

    I live in Ireland was in Galway for st patricks day this year must say lovely place.Liked sitting at spanish arch especially.

  • lauramxwell:

    I am Irish American, my grandpa actually speaks gaelic.I visited Ireland when I was a kid,my family and I took a long trip across Europe actually.We loved Ireland, I remember the people being some of the most kind and welcoming I have ever met.Theres such a great atmosphere to Ireland that makes you feel right at home.Not what we found with the French and the English.I long to go back to Ireland,Galway is just beautiful.although love my home,California

  • 2tumbacat:

    A wonderful city, vibrant, and with a great mix of pubs and narrow streets. I can see where it can kill ambition, as I would be in Taafees or Tig Coeli or the Quays half the week. Going back next month.

  • mac21982:

    went there 2months ago. best time of my life. good food, drink and the people were super nice

  • BohemianBanditt:

    lol dats steve(not his real name) da devil!I love dat guy hes such a buzzer!

  • JacksonDReynolds:

    That was beautiful – I want to visit quite badly now!

  • DSVOP:

    Good work ‘overlander’ you should try and release these commercially. They would generate a steady little income stream, allowing you to do more of the same.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • DSVOP:

    It is an experience, Galway is a very special city, old, yet young, with a very young population and great entertainment.
    The Galway Bay on a hot summers afternoon is the best place to get a tan, at 9pm.
    Galway is a beauty, you owe it to yourswelf to enjoy this beauty in your own time, and your own way.
    Full of history too, and pubs, good looking girls, wonderful countryside.
    I’d go if i was you, but, I’m biased, Galway is my home town, even though I am far away, it still is magic.

  • Anais1981:

    You’re back home again girl!:D

    I wish I could turn back in time and write this comment again:D

  • Anais1981:

    I watched this vid about six months ago, before going to Galway. I liked at that time, and I was so excited about the idea of going there…
    Now I’m back home after 4 months there and watching this video again…, what can I say?. Now I know all those places!, I see/feel me there*.*, how I miss Galway!.

  • AbcSchoolOfPolish:

    I would love to visit the place one more time. Thanks for the video.

  • declan3906:

    Of course you should go!

  • parkerlove2007:

    okay here’s the thing. my university does exchanges programs all over the world and i have an opportunity to go to galway. i dunno if i should go bc i’ve never heard of it (sorry to all you geography buffs out there) and i just searched it on google and that wasn’t all to useful. i guess i’m asking if i should even go there. lol.

  • kowekokun:

    I am goign there this year on an ERASMUS program 🙂

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