Millions of people across the world are descended from The Great Clans of Scotland. They share a unique and wonderful heritage with a rich culture and a instantly recognisable identity. Clan Origins is presented by the award winning Scottish author and broadcaster, Carl MacDougall. Filmed across the seasons in spectacular landscapes and important historical locations and produced to the highest standards, this is a fresh and exciting journey into the fascinating story of Scotland’s clans.

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  • CaledoniaJeanne:

    @CaledoniaJeanne – I know the McPhees (my dad’s side) were from Outer Hebrides and ended up in Prince Edward Island. My grandmother (born in 1898) eventually moved to Boston, Massachusetts.

  • CaledoniaJeanne:

    @CaledoniaJeanne – Thank you. I will!


  • heatherthevet:

    @CaledoniaJeanne check out our website Jeanne, we’ve got some information up about the MacDonalds. Haven’t got as far as McPhee and Dunbar yet, although one of the company stays at Dunbar – does that count? 😉

  • CaledoniaJeanne:

    My people are the MacDonalds, the McPhees, and the Dunbars.

  • cypryss1:

    @heatherthevet My great great great grandfather was Colin Douglas that came to Canada in 1773 aboard the Hector that landing in Pictou Nova Scotia.

    That’s all I have right now. Thanks for the site I’ll check that out.

  • heatherthevet:

    @cypryss1 Try

  • heatherthevet:

    Good News! The DVD’s for Clan MacGregor and MacDonald are now available to buy on the website as well as the Clan Origins seen above. Hopefully I will have a trailer soon to show you.

  • cypryss1:

    I am a decedent of Bill MacDougall that lived i Canada. I’ve been trying to trace my roots back but, since little is known to me giving that my grandmother doesn’t talk about her father that much. It’s hard to get any solid information. If anybody knows when the first MacDougalls showed up in Canada or when they departed from Scotland to Canada it would be appreciated

  • ChasePhoenix:

    @turtle472 I’m also a part of the macintosh clan!

  • USalltheway96:


    my ancestors are the MacAllisters and Keiths, so many clan names are similar.

  • Avirexwun:

    I’m McLeod Clan aswell, Alba Gu brath!

  • heatherthevet:

    Yes, Carl is Scottish, his accent is from the West Coast.

  • piromaniac9999:

    the guy speaking is he scottish?

    his accent he has a slight accent.

  • llarlamon7758:

    Thankyou for the vid and the info. I descend from the Clan Lamont. I look forward to one day be able to go to a gathering of the clans. A little funny thing of how history repeats itself is I have a friend that is a MacGreggor and long ago they were allies in war. And I have a friend named MacCallister as well.

  • heatherthevet:

    You can find them at greatscottishclans com where you can sign up to the mailing list so we can inform you of new releases. We also have a facebook group where we try to post updates of how the filming is coming along.

    Thank you for your support!

  • yankeegurl62:

    I would love to find these videos!!

  • heatherthevet:

    Yes, a clan is just a big family. Everyone born with the surname macintosh is linked to that clan, they may also be attached to several other clans through the maternal lines. It’s not as easy and clear cut as it used to be when the clans were very territorial and all lived in one area. There are no hard and fast rules to this!

  • turtle472:

    hello, so if im a macintosh would i have a link with the macintosh clan?

  • heatherthevet:

    The company website is listed in the information to the right of the clip, where you can find out more about what we are up to, also there is a facebook group to keep everyone informed on the progress of films. If you send me your email I can add you to the mailing list so we can let you know whenever a new film is released. Merry Christmas!

    greatscottishclans com

  • heatherthevet:

    Yes indeed, you have links to the clan. It’s not unusual to be associated with several clans as there were marriages between clans which were allies. My own family is a mixed bag of McLeod, Fraser, MacGregor and all sorts! The main affiliation is normally through the paternal line, but there’s no hard and fast rules!

  • turtle472:

    where do we find these videos? would like to see them.

  • effers22:

    If my grandmother and grandfather are from a scottish clan does that mean i have links to that clan or am i completely seperate? thanks

  • kintakintyea:

    Fit Lyke’
    Am fae thi nor east o Scotlaan’ an a spik Doric Scots’ bit ma faimlay Clan eis Morrison’ fae thi wast coast’ Isle a Lewis!
    Lang Meiy Yer Lum Reek!

  • heatherthevet:

    If you send me a little message to my inbox with your email address I’ll let you know as soon as Mackintosh/McIntosh is ready. In the meantime the general history of Clans really is very good – Clan Origins. Have a Merry Christmas and if you’re feeling particularly Scottish, a riproaring Hogmanay!

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