Andrew Hennessey aka ScottishAndrew plays Greensleeves and variations on Starfish electric fiddle through a Boss ME8 processor using pizzicato, chording, hammer-on, no bow or plectrum There’s something a bit distorted about our knowledge of who composed this tune – some say Henry the 8th but it was on the European X factor long before Henry got his hands on it … The historic research below is with kind permission of Wiki. Greensleeves was also written and arranged as a Christmas Carol called What Child is This ? When one hears Greensleeves one thinks of sophisticated Lute players with pointy red and green hats sitting in dark banqueting halls and the gold laden aristocracy of Olde England – however – introducing the era of rock guitar and the electronic axe to Medieval music may seem a bit of a distortion of English history – in truth the music itself – the distortion patch and tones – has the overtones of the reeded instruments and bagpipes of the era. The pictures of the modern expensive apartment blocks or Condos are from the center of the Scottish capital Edinburgh and these used to be a vital and central hospital – in the Meadows of Edinburgh – hence ‘build you a house in the meadows …’ “Greensleeves” is a traditional English folk song and tune, a ground of the form called a romanesca. A broadside ballad by this name was registered at the London Stationer’s Company in September 1580 as “A New Northern Dittye of the Lady Greene

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