Just a story I imagined. Hope you enjoy it!

25 Responses to ““Gwendolyn’s Garden” / “Nella Fantasia” – Celtic Woman”

  • Gwendolyn Clark:

    SOoooooo amazing!!! I’ll start a story about it. I was at the edge of tears.

  • Rachel Rhodes:

    Just my kind of story!! I identify with it.

  • catfurryable:

    i really enjoyed this….

  • TreScotts1Fan:

    I’m a writer. You should keep writing it. I’d buy it. It’s a good story. The pics were excellent choices too.

  • gaelicgirlfilly:

    Nevermind! I found out from which play the picture came. Apparently it’s from “Spring Awakening.” I did a screen shot, cut the picture out, saved it as a JPEG, did a Google image search and found it. Hooray for technology! 🙂

  • gaelicgirlfilly:

    I’m glad you’re an animal lover who adores wolves. That makes me feel better. I thought that the picture looked like it could have been from “The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek,” but without hearing the dialogue for the photo, it’s of course hard to tell. Thanks anyway!

  • Vicky Fountain:

    – I’m a huge animal lover, and I adore wolves. In the story, there are wolves, no ogres, sorry lol. As for the photo at 3:42, I’m sorry, but I don’t remember the play it came from! It’s been two years since I created this video, after all 🙂

  • gaelicgirlfilly:

    I like this video, but wish that the evil had not been completely represented by wolves. They are very misunderstood creatures and it doesn’t help their image when they are represented as evil things. Couldn’t you have included a few ogres? 😉 Overall, however a lovely video. By the way, do you or does anyone else know where the picture is from at 3:42? It looks like a play that I may have seen once, but I can’t be sure. Thanks!

  • casshorse11:

    Kind of reminds me of The Chronicles of Narnia and The Secret Garden melded into one amazing story. This would be fantastic as a book or movie!

  • OWL88100:

    Once again, I LOVE. Thanks so much. Best regards from France 😉

  • OWL88100:

    Hello Shylah, simply I LOVE your pictures. So GOOD with the song and the music. I’m from France, I just say : “bravo”. Beautiful song with beautiful picture, I have tears in my eyes. THANKS SO MUCH. Best regards – God Bless

  • Gavin P:

    if you ever make this into a book please tell me! because i would love to read it! nice video 🙂

  • Narryaque:

    You are my kind of imaginer. =)

  • ShylahFan09:

    Thank you!

  • xrarelightx:

    This is gorgeous! I hope that you write it! I would love to read it!

  • 612Matthew:

    If I see this in the print someday, I will make a purchase and read it!

  • ShylahFan09:

    Thank you! I have begun the story, hopefully someday you’ll see it on the cover of a book 🙂

  • Ellen De Man:

    zomg I found this by mere luck lol glad I did cause it is wonderful, and yeah like so many said you should write the story behind it xd 

  • milenymama:

    Beautiful song!Pięknie!
    Milena Walosik Nella fantasia

  • FCGDAEB54321:

    Song fictions are wonderful and yours is no exception!
    I wrote one (a long one!) based on songs by the Wailin’ Jennys. Does anyone know of a good self-publishing kind of website? It has to be able to handle long, long stories though or else I’ll have to do a lot of editing.

  • bananapooding:


  • urpersonalnightmare:

    This was amazing…it led me to another world. It felt like i was there.

  • osoyuri:

    getting goose bumps!!!  OMgosh

  • Vicky Fountain:

    Thank you!

  • flagsforworship:


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