In the 1960’s writer and broadcaster Gwyn Thomas made a series of programmes for TWW in which he visited different parts of Wales. In this programme, Gwyn visits the Vale of Neath. Today, his unique, warm and darkly humourous observations give us a fascinating insight into what life was like for people living in these Welsh communities over 40 years ago.

3 Responses to “Gwyn Thomas visits the Vale of Neath”

  • closertofiftythanyew:

    Pont-Neath-Vaughan, Pont-Nedd-Fechan these days. Who said Dai nationalist and his friends won’t have an affect back in the sixties! They changed village names for gods sakes, back to what they think they used to be called, before the devil…..

  • closertofiftythanyew:

    Craig y Dinas, you could protect it from the Devil, said Gwyn – remember that from the mid 1990s repeat by HTV, introduced by Glyn Houston.

  • XXLouiseXx2010:

    very very intresting …i was only 3 or 4 when this was filmed …pity he didnt show the cimla where i was brought up

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