I am try to decide to either go to M&D’s or Edinburgh dungeon for my birthday. I have been to MD’s a few times and would to try something different, so i was wondering is Edinburgh Dungeon good and scary. I will be 16 btw. So if there is anywhere else that is fun in Scotland please mension 😀

Much appretiated thanks

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  • ellie w:

    I’ve been 3 times to the edinburgh dungeon, its great fun and you get photos taken so a great thing to keep for the future

  • Highlander Neil:

    Hey I was 22 when I went to Edinburgh Dungeon, I thought it was actually quite expensive for what it is – York Dungeon and London Dungeon were better, was 15 when went to York, was 9 when went to London.

    You should go on a ghost tour as they are cheaper on the royal mile. Mary King’s close is good, its actually a real street, below ground level from hundreds of years ago. Its not very scary but gives you lots of history about edinburgh.

    I would reccomend going to Camera Obscura, its up near the castle at the top of the royal mile. It has all these optical illusions and other cool stuff then when you get to the roof you get an amazing view of edinburgh though thecamera obscura. its like this little dark room with a pin prick of light coming in through a lens in the roof. You have to do it in the daytime though.

    Then after that its only 5 mins walk to the start of a ghost tour!

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