In Scotland, Loch Lomond? Is it good? Were you in the House or a Lodge? And was there internet connection, so I could take my laptop?

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  • ** monster # 3 on the way ***:

    i haven’t personally been, but i would like to stay for our anniversary nite in december! i did look at the reviews on trip advisor- mixed reports!! there again, some people complain over the silliest things. i can’t decide over staying at cameron house (mostly due to loch lomond) or one devonshire gardens.

  • baby_face_paris:

    It’s just Cameron House, not ‘the’

    I was there 3 years ago for 2 nights. It was beautiful but we stayed in a very large suite (up in the turrets) so I can’t comment on the lodges. The food was exceptional and the service was great.

    We were there for a romantic break so I did not have my laptop but if you visit their website, you will find if there is wifi.

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