I am brewing a Scottish ale and need some advise on what helps make it a true Scottish style.

OG 1.072 – 1.076
FG 1.020 ish
ABV 7.5%
IBU 29

Ferment @ 16C for 7-10 D

Pale Malt 12 #
Roasted Barley 70g
Mash 14L@ 65.5C for 80 min., sparge 13L @ 79C
Exactly Right. Thanks for Great Advise .

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  • Deadly Feasts:

    A nice brew man. Be sure to get the sparge temperature up fast and have a cold conditioning session. I might even go less on the bittering and let the malt come to the front.

  • BEER:

    Nice beer. It seems to be more like a Scotch Ale than a Scottish Ale AKA “Wee Heavy.” The difference really only being gravity and a smokey component of the Scottish Ales. Great ferment temp. and should keep esters low. Your hops are fine but the advice is good.

    Thick mash
    Caramelization in kettle is mandatory
    Cool fermentation temperature
    FYI: Wyeast labs has a great strain for Scottish heavy ales. Use a large slurry for better fermentation action. You want about 3-4 X 10^6 cells/ml.

  • Wolfgang:

    Make sure the equipment is clean. It would be a shame to have a nice big brew to go bad due to poor brewery hygiene. Make sure you have a strong full boil too.

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