Standing with Stones is a remarkable and unprecedented documentary film that takes the viewer beyond Stonehenge on an incredible journey of discovery that reveals the true wealth and extent of Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain & Ireland. If you ever wondered what it would be like to travel the length and breadth of the British Isles, visiting the most intriguing and enigmatic monuments that our ancestors left us, from Cornwall through England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland to the outer reaches of the Hebrides and Orkney, then you will love this film. Described by one magazine reviewer as “A stunning study of standing stones. A work of art.” (Forten Times), this is no amateur travelogue. Written and presented by writer and explorer Rupert Soskin and shot and edited by broadcast producer Michael Bott, this film is a stunningly beautiful and absorbing two and a quarter hour tour of our ancient heritage in the company of an engaging and knowledgable host – the journey of a lifetime.

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  • Chloe Daniels:

    Thanks for sharing your belief! Now lets focus on theirs.

  • brothahphil:

    Sure we’ll go with that….

  • TehZigZorz Z:

    4.49 slender game

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  • Chris Fogner:

    Hello, i normally don’t reply to stuff like this but i really feel like replying to you.
    I am a Christian and i love God. That being said what in the world are you talking about?
    If you are trolling good job because i am replying but if not i don’t see how on earth you could come up with any of those conclusions when you read the bible.Maybe take time to read the bible instead of assuming what it says because it is stupid statements like yours that hurt the witness of the church

  • sonofherne:

    lolol.Tell that to the man in the Stonehenge ditch with arrows in his back! Woodhenge child with the split skull. Arrowshot men in Wor Barrow ditch.Woman & children sinisterly interred in centre of Martin Green’s henge. Whole family buried then disinterred and bones ritually smashed before woman’s skull,alone, reinterred. I could go on! NOT magical times & not fluffy/airy fairy!

  • JohnMatrix89:

    Of course, not every single person. It just means people from Dorset cluster with the southern and eastern English, who in turn cluster closely with the people of Germany, Netherlands and so forth.

  • sonofherne:

    They also have Orkney as entirely separate when we actually know there is significant viking ancestry. POBI has a long way to go before anyone can confidently claim that “it’s safe to say these old bloodlines did die out due to large scale Germanic resettlement and DNA “shuffling.

  • sonofherne:

    The project looks like a great idea,but with plenty of “grey” gaps that they haven’t tested. They’ve only tested 4,000, less than 200 in Dorset! You know the population there? Devon is a different colour to Cornwall and rest of England. Where does that fit? I don;t think the samples are big enough here. A recent Scot survey implied most were vikings, underplaying celtic heritage, yet this says they are matched to Ireland. Cornish and Welsh are seperate. Something very odd in this survey!

  • sonofherne:

    At the end of the day when a map is made like this what it’s showing is the dominant “colour” in that area, but it doesn’t mean every person in that area! It’s just interesting that different people can read different things in a set of data, but in order to use that data it’s only of value if you cross reference to what we know of those areas.

  • sonofherne:

    I visited the PotBI project site.The way I interpret this and the way the professor has means the red areas “may” be anglo saxon, and on the other hand, post-ice age colonisation of people who came from the same area! Again, reading sterile data without matching it to actual archaeology ends up futile. Is there evidence for this invasion? No! No one is denying migration and possibly sizeable, but there is a huge gulf between wiping out a population. He also said “we’re more alike than different”

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  • JohnMatrix89:

    Its the People of the British Isles project. On their website they have a genetic map of Britain which is colored by genetic clusters. Dorset ranks right up there with East Anglia and the rest of AS England. Can you direct me to the study you were referring to?

  • sonofherne:

    One just this year. Which are you refering to? I say again, there’s a lot of misrepresented stuff by third parties interpreting the results for their own ends/personal bigotry. I have no reason to doubt what I say is correct. It fits with alI that is known of the western counties, its inhabitants & checks out with the local myths. People even spoke celtic in Wiltshire until 1100AD. People really need to get their heads around this false idea of English being predominantly Saxon.

  • JohnMatrix89:

    According to my map Dorset is robustly Saxon. What recent DNA study are you referring to?

  • sonofherne:

    Almost certainly! The saxons didn’t get into the west for several hundred years after their arrival. The early saxons kings of wessex had celtic names, just given a saxon veneer. The Bockling Dyke kept the saxons out, a barrier between saxon and wilts. Recent DNA in Dorset says they are nearly as celtic as the Cornish. Have a good look around Eastern and Western England. People are definately blonder and blue eyed in the East. Lots of natural dark hair as you go south west/west.

  • JohnMatrix89:

    I cannot think of anyone else more qualified than the POBI to carry out such a study. I would have to disagree that it makes no sense. Some Celtic place name survival is not surprising because native words for towns, rivers, streams asf can be stubborn to change. In the east the vast majority of place names were changed to Germanic ones (Coates) which does support the genetic findings mentioned herein. Could it be that more Celtic names in the west means more British survival there?

  • sonofherne:

    You have to think that the evidence can be construed and misrepresented easily as there seems to be so many armchair DNA specialists now, but only a small number of experts who can really interpret the evidence with authority. The fact is, what you are stating makes no archaeological, anthropological or genetic sense. So many english place names have celtic origin, not saxon. Devon & Dorset are definate area of high celtic population as the saxons never got there for a long time.

  • 9thaspect9:

    This DVD is available and over 50 odd members of the public witnessed it at an earlier date, as well as two people involved in Archeology who were there at the time. Now I know people will say NO WAY! but this did happen, the scientist involved experienced it and just said it was impossible, so much for open minded science. As they say you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink.

  • 9thaspect9:

    All these circles are just markers on the earth where man has become aware of the energies at those points, they are powerful energetic doorways, places where the subtle energy fields of the planet cross and are magnified. A couple of years ago a group of peole involved in energy work who were aware of the real purpose of Avebury went there accompanied by a film crew and a scientist who specialises in sound, sound was physicall/audably manifested from Avebury and this was captured on film.

  • Scott Bryant:

    what this grate

  • atomixmrful:

    I have all the evidence you need ! The most important is to understand the rainbow and it’s relationship with stone and radient energy ! Miracles is different but still easy to prove ! The Christ connection is not easy to pin down but any centre of the knowledge of such things at the time of Christ would have been here in the UK France and Ireland etc . Dimentional beings that Rome these sights are still there to thus day .. I have meet with them ! I not lie to any one .

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