I just watched the movie The Other Boleyn Girl and loved it! So scandalous and intriguing! My mom told me to read the book and others written by author Phillipa Gregory. She has written several books on Henry VIII and his wives. I want to read them all but not sure where to start. Has anyone read her books? If so, which should I read first?

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  • roxieann311:

    You can read these books out of order and they will make sense. If you would like to start with his first wife this is the order you need:

    The Constant Princess
    The Other Boleyn Girl
    The Boleyn Inheritance

    After you finish those the story starts to turn toward his daughter, Elizabeth I:

    The Queen’s Fool
    The Virgin’s Lover
    The Other Queen

    Some of the years jump, but this is where I started the series and it made perfect sense. I would also recommend trying her Wideacre series. It is catching if you keep an open mind about sexuality in that century. Hope this helps!!!! 🙂

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