The Tudor period (1514-1603, the Base Court): Initially home to Cardinal Wolsey (1514-1529), the palace was given to King Henry VIII who extented it to accom…

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  • Juliete Olivia:

    I hope to one day get to visit these wonderful places.

  • asoaita:

    Thank you, Craig. I am sorry to confess that I don’t know what music is it. I googled under ‘renaissence music’ I downloaded and it appears it is copyright free – should be, since it is perhaps 400 years old :)

  • Craig Irving:

    Thanks Adriana, it’s wonderful. I was wondering what the music right at the beginning is …?

  • PennyCartwright:

    I was lucky enough to visit Hampton Court back in 1998 and I remember how much I enjoyed it, particularly King William’s magnificent apartments. It’s amusing that they were for show and historians think he only used the smaller rooms below. (With the exception of the Little Bedchamber where he sometimes slept, although they think he probably used a downstairs bedroom.)

  • asoaita:

    Hi. “Helas Madam” is a folk song said to be composed by Henry VIII. The song is part of a secular collection, found on a manuscript that was used in Henry’s court. The originality of the song has been questioned, with various parts of the song allegedly lifted from similar pieces in Europe. The song itself is a conversation in Middle French between a man and woman, with the man asking the woman if he can become her humble servant (from Wikipedia).

  • ladyravenamethyst:

    What Song Start’s At 2:17 and what is the name of the artist?

  • lisa johnson:

    man i felt like i was taking the tour myself..that was fantastic thank you for posting it i hope someday to see the real thing..i never saw any bathtubs though..ugh..

  • mylillambs:

    Wow! Well done! Thanks I so enjoyed this very much. Well worth a trip from Aussieland to see this.

  • Peggy Mcdonald:

    Very nice I love Hampton court

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