Prince – (1485-1509) – David Starkey follows the dramatic events of Henry’s childhood, events that shaped his personality and his attitude to kingship. In 14…

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  • msinvincible2000:

    why do they say “Philip the fair of Burgundy”? Philip was the son of Maximilian Habsburg of Austria and of Mary (Marie) of Burgundy….

  • Bridgettweeter:

    I was wondering about the testicular cancer thing also.

  • Bridgettweeter:

    They had no way to refuse the king. Too do so would bring great harm to their families. It was not the women who selected their husbands but their families. Foreign princesses refused his offer, so he was forced to pick from the women around him.

  • San47di:

    He was a selfish self-centered chit! What do we expect?! The thing that kills me is how any of those following women would ever agree to marry him! Anne Boleyn’s death should have been a huge deterrent, ya think? 🙂

  • mainsqueeze1977:

    If your name is Tudor, you have no right to complain of treason!

  • haroof:

    Starkey’s so full of ****. I love it.

  • InnannasRainbow:

    He mourned the loss of his mother but found no difficulty in depriving his two daughters of their mothers.

  • InnannasRainbow:

    I know what you mean though it has been ages since I used a fountain pen. I really should try to get one and resume beautiful calligraphy.

  • LMWTudor:

    Testicular cancer? I have all the admiration in the world for David Starkey but the general thesis is Arthur caught the sweat and died and Katharine became sick as well. So apparently testicular cancer is not only contagious but possessed by a woman? Create your own punch line.

  • 324wilson:

    I love the writing from the fountain pen. Nowdays, not many people write from fountain paper. Although, I now for a fact, that the Queen still uses fountain pen.

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