Tyrant (1533-1547) – The final programme in the series examines how Henry, having inherited a chronically weak English crown, forged it into an instrument of…

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  • PigeonsPie1:

    O Dolce Nocte (after a madrigal by Philippe Verdelot, words by Niccolo

  • blueguitarblue:

    @wasilaify You took the words right out of my mouth. I visited ancient
    cathedrals while I was in Europe, but they were empty. I pretended I was an
    illiterate peasant as I entered the Austrian Cathedrals. I could see how
    “common” people were in awe and fear. The size, architecture, frescos,
    life-size crosses with the murdered Christ, wooden confession booths, and
    totally dependent on the “Father” who spoke in Latin. The language barrier
    added to the mystique. Thank God Luther rebelled.

  • blueguitarblue:

    @idis91 My heritage is mostly Norwegian, and some Swedish. I grew up in a
    Scandinavian neighborhood, in the USA. There is a rivalry between the
    Swedes and Norwegians. Does it stem from Scandinavia? The closest I’ve been
    to my land is at the Mermaid Statue in Denmark. I love wooden boats and
    Viking Ships. Ingmar Bergman’s films are ROYAL! Would love to afford an
    older/safer Volvo. And as a fine-art photographer, I’ve dreamed of owning a
    medium-format Hasslebad camera forever. Vikings Rule!

  • Albukhshi:

    Romania is ruled (officially) by a unitary semi-presidential republic, no
    they had little to do with Milosovitch, yes, Romanian is a Romance language
    (Italian is the western European language that comes closest to it), yes it
    was occupied by Rome (it was called Dacia back then), and no I don’t know
    any great reads because I’m not Romanian myself (or even European).
    granted, I’m not the guy who you were asking, but I can still answer your
    questions pretty accurately. for a non-Romanian.

  • tacotony24:

    bloodthirsty english tyrant

  • blueguitarblue:

    Love K HenryII & Queen Eleanor & Queen Elizabeth I! So many to list! In the
    States, we haven’t had any real presidents, who’ve not sold out to Wall
    Street/rich elite, since JF Kennedy. Because JFK & BK wanted to take away
    CIA & mafia power, they killed them. They were fearless. Same with Dr.
    Martin Luther King Jr. Abraham Lincoln was the greatest. He never sold-out.
    He condemned secret societies and the Jesuits’ wicked agendas. He cleverly
    walked a precarious political line while freeing slaves.

  • ion pantelimon:

    Thank you from Romania !

  • Celtic Lady:

    Thank you, again from Canada!!

  • Yeeb Xyooj:


  • Jelubaful:

    @BDollScream This is not medieval.

  • wasilaify:

    What beautiful voice that little boy has!

  • annazt11:

    @wasilaify Yes, his parent must be proud!

  • reggiejax:

    what’s the song @ 6:44?

  • Karianne MacDonald:

    @Jelubaful It’s late medieval.

  • BDollScream:

    I am a HUGE fan of all medieval stories, and have been fascinated by Henry
    for years and years. I gotta say, what a motherfucker he was lol. Thanks
    for uploading!

  • blueguitarblue:

    @zimskiz What model of government rules Romania? I’ve been to Western
    Europe, but always wanted to visit the East. I know your country is
    notorious because of the violence of Dracula. Was Romania affected by
    Milosevich’s ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia? Is your language
    similiar to the Romans? Wasn’t Romania conquered by Rome? Are there any
    brilliant accurate books you can recommend about the history of Romanian
    monarchy/nobility & serfdom? Romania is East, but NOT Slavic! Interesting!

  • cranky1chick:

    Thanks again for posting this!

  • Jelubaful:

    @cranberrymac09 No, renaissance.

  • PigeonsPie1:

    Without Discord featuring Dot Allison the above is a link with an underline
    (w/o when pasted here). If you copy and paste – it will take you to a site
    for Phillip Shepphard. Go to the button on that site for TUDOR and the 2nd
    and 3rd songs from top will be the ones from the program. Your question is
    a year old now and you probably have already found it… : )

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