(2007) Presenter Paul Murton puts aside popular myths to uncover the true stories behind Highland clan histories. He begins with a look at the MacGregor’s, who achieved such infamy in the 17th century that at one point having the name became punishable by death.

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  • ElizabethIrish:

    My husband decends from the clan MacKinnon, from an ancestor who immigrated to Prince Edward Island. Odd thing is he doesn’t care at all – I think his ancestry is incredible…how sad that a once proud clan is reduced to utter indifference via expatriation!

  • me2027:

    It was the clan cambell that murderd most of the clan Lamont too forcing many to change there names … take a look at the Clan Lamont museum in Dunoon.
    The cambels were the scum of scotland

  • fansdesofia:

    And what about the McDonalds? Did they really invent the hamburger? Ronald McDonald is my favorite highlander.

  • xxlairbear:

    I’m a MacGregor 🙂

  • bigyoungy:

    boo to the durty cambells!!

  • shaithinshoe:

    it is ok man, i was just saying that i thought my Scottish name was other things but it took a long time to find my real Scottish name, a long time and multiple family members and oral history.

  • jamgilp:

    @shaithinshoe – Are you replying to someone? What is your Scottish ancestors name? I might be able to help you out with some info.

  • shaithinshoe:

    im not macgregor, you guess and are wrong both times after i said the first statement, it was even hard for me to find out my true scottish name.

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