John Michie begins his cross country journey at a reconstructed 17th century township in the Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore in the Cairngorms and visits Castle Urquhart on the banks of Scotland’s most famous loch, Loch Ness, to discover what life was like if you were wealthy in the 17th century.

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  • Nicky HippyPixy:

    Hello everyone !

    If you like castles and Loch Ness, check out my Urquhart Castle video.

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  • Rikitocker:

    Have both Scottish and English heritage and I love both!

  • mruofacat:

    The Earl of Cromarty has a couple of graduate level degrees and is an engineer, not a history professor. But, any Highland Clan Chief is going to know his country’s and clan’s history. This is a very good series and the history is presented without bias. I call foul on an Irisher who thinks he knows more Scottish history than a Scottish Earl. My own Clan Chief, by the way.

  • entproducer:

    Why does no one in this documentary actually sound Scots? He’s Chief of the clan McKenzie but he sounds like a English history professor dreaming of tenure. I’m a third generation middle Irishman who calls foul on the tone of this entire exploration of Scotland’s history.

  • ezekielbuzi:

    The english only fled from us Scotsman after seeing these hairy beings tearing down the hills and glens in what they thought was a skirt screaming if thats the woman Im not fighting their men 😉

  • sushanalone:

    well if the church would have allowed homosexuality, the english would have an equally ferocious homosexual unit charging at the naked highlanders. no offense but would have been funny, and the result would have been anybodys guess.Would the highlanders retreat due to the shock value?Id use them if i was an english commander.BTW the Thebian sacred band was one of such units , one of the bravest soldiers in history.Also the Spartans allowed it, and romans 2.funny how Christianity changed it.peace

  • gs032009:

    Love Scotland and England.

  • whitewolf9991:

    Beautiful country, best regards from Poland!

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  • JAMamation:

    Love Scotland <3 🙂 im english btw.

  • CypriotVibez08:

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  • kirachidlow16:

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  • postmasterw00t:

    ok this has been here for fucking ages, change it to a new video, i actually watched this and liked it but for **** sake get the next episode on or something fresh, **** off sky

  • TheStrudlekitty4427:

    this is crap

  • reflex1reflex1:


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