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  • DENIS McSweeny:

    that map at 1:23 is dumb and would just confuse people the language come from the indo european sythian,latin,greek branches of language. but that only because the celts were in iberia. we came via the mediteranian by boat with the pheonecions to iberia. mixed and ruled there then 700 years later took ireland in 1000bc. 66percent of ireland are decendants of the tribe of judah people who came via galicia. hence the red hair gene like other isrealites

  • VCStudios15:

    An Maith

  • brokenglassesshaner:

    Ahhhh ÉADAOIN! Mo leicteoir :)) Hhahaha failte go St.pats

  • LiamB18:

    Thosaigh me a foghlaim Gaeilge a cupla bliain ó shin mar chuaigh mé go dtí ar scoil na hEireann agus tá sé deacair ach tá sé deas a fhoghlaim mo theanga dhúchais 🙂

  • CuteAndFresh101:

    Dia duit, is mise lúsaí.

  • Seamus Breathnach:

    The Department of Education has a ‘cumaisocht’ — a capacity — to do its business through the medium of Irish in the amount of 3%. The Irish simply do not speak Irish nor can they possibly revive it; but the notions that the do and they can resembles their capacity for believing in the New Testament, the work of Titus Caesar… The music and the info on this ipod, therefore, is for the birds…

  • Callsigntaken:

    Ireland you say? Ireland is fucking gay, **** sucking homosexual mother fuckers.

  • Jtiger987:

    I wouldn’t really say about the first three – after all they naturally evolved into other languages over the time, unlike irish, which is sort of fading because of the much wider usage of english in the world. I can agree about the Native American ones though 🙂

  • CrazyNative4:

    christina is so beautiful !

  • jexplink:

    Iontach. Maith Thú 🙂

  • El Oh Vee Ee:

    This is really interesting! In the past the reason why i wanted to learn Irish is because of, get this, The Corrs ever since I heard their version of “Brid Og Ni Mhaille”! xp Irish is just music to my ears. So foreign! ♥

  • Jonathan Kwan:

    Even Welsh is the OFFICIAL language in Wales, Welsh is not recognized by EU, but I think Wales are doing efforts trying to get Welsh recognized by EU. Like the EU’s Council of Ministers meeting in November 2008, Welsh was used in the meeting for the first time.

  • Jonathan Kwan:

    Wrong!! Welsh IS the official language in Wales, other than English. And in an EU’s Council of Ministers meeting in November 2008, Welsh was used in the meeting for the first time. BTW, what do u mean by “minority language in its nation”?? There’re about 611,000 speakers in Wales!!

  • Hannelle84:

    It is according to Google Translator: Tá an Ghaeilge an-sexy, is é an teanga Béarla cac 😉

  • WhiteCamry:

    How do you say that in Gaelic?

  • orfeas8:

    in writing yeah

  • orfeas8:

    many languages must be kept alive such as old Norse and ancient greek and even the ancient egyptian (which barely survive) and the languages of the natives in America.. 🙂



  • xurxo12:

    I agree! Lovely language to learn. Maybe not the easiest ever, but i find it great you still using your own language there in Ireland.

    It’s a shame that here in Galicia we lost our Celtic language lots of centuries ago, surely against Latin when the Roman brought it here i guess. Surely it was close to Gaeilge and other Celtic languages that remain alive now a day, that’s why i’d love to learn a lil bit of it.

     I feel i should do it 4 all the people who spoke it here thousands of years ago.

  • BeterGaJe:

    English is a beautiful language indeed, but American… that’s just sad..

  • xTvdFandomManiax:

    Reminds me of Elvish

  • LaviniaVeiled:

    *waves* Hello to Chicago from Seattle! I am delighted to see other Americans interested in the language. I took one class but it did not go well. I will try again soon, though!

  • LaviniaVeiled:

    French is beautiful. English is beautiful if used right. Shakespeare proves that…the tragedy is how English is used to bully other languages out of existence…not that English exists in the first place.

  • SpazTechIndustries:

    Damn those Angles and Saxons from Northern Germany for almost wiping out the brilliant Celtic Languages from the British Isles. If they hadn’t, the Irish would still be speaking Irish universally and we Brits would be speaking some form of Brythonic which would be quite similar to Irish.
    Alas! We ended up with a Germanic Language which was bastardised by the French and became the horrible and grammatically boring language of English which has been so corrupted by French that it’s barely Germanic

  • Hannelle84:

    Gaelic is very sexy. English is **** :-)))

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