I’m flying from Detroit to Edinburgh or London, hopefully getting a ticket around $700-900. I want to see if there are going to be any summer fare sales going on though, hopefully. I want to stay in hostels.

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  • LadyMerton:

    hate to break it to you but “summer fares” are Always Higher due to Higher Demand/Peak Flying Season
    there is a tiny chance of finding a cheaper fare but it would be Rare- you would have to do your homework and do it fast- prices tend to go UP the closer to summer one gets- good luck

  • Ishryan:

    I agree. If you can find a $700 round trip flight, i would be amazed. If you can, it’s doable. I would fly to London, check out London hostels online, then take either the train (during off-peak hours, use Trainline.co.uk), or fly. Sometimes flights are cheaper (look at Ryanair or Easyjet). British airlines might be cheap too. Expect about 50pounds one way, maybe 80 round-trip, which is about $130. Edinburgh can be a cheap trip, most of which will be transportation. The castle is pretty awesome, but there isn’t all too much to do there. There is a hostel right across the street from the castle. I would train back (with your round trip train ticket) to London and fly back to the US.

    Another cash saving tip: If you have Bank of America, you can withdraw British Sterling from Barclay’s ATM’s for Free (it will convert it at the market rate, and you pay no fees). it will save you tons.

  • Kaz49:

    If you can sort out your flight cheaply then you should be fine. The UK can be a very cheap place if you are prepared to stay in hostels – try hostelbookers as there is no booking fee. Most galleries and museums are free. Markets are a great place to soak up the atmosphere and browse. Self-cater by going to the supermarket and get bread etc. Get an oyster card when you arrive and buy a travel card or use a bus to get around – or walk and see much more! Get the TNT magazine free at stations on Mondays, there are tips on things to do.
    To get to Edinburgh, the bus is the cheapest way to go if you don’t mind sitting for a long time! Megabus offers incredibly cheap fares. Sometimes you can get cheap train fares too and the journey can be much shorter. If you can’t get a cheap fare into Edinburgh, check the fares into Glasgow. I have trained into Glasgow before then taken a 2 pound bus that takes 1 hour into Edinburgh. Good luck!

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