My family background is part from Ukraine (the surname Kaczmarczuk), part from Jamaica (the surname Parkins) and also a British (I’m led to believe Welsh) part.

I’m mainly interested in somehow finding slave owner records from Jamaica as well as tracing my Eastern European roots.
Does anybody know how I can do this?

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  • honkie:

    Sorry but you have to pay to play. The only free site i know of is the mormon church site for
    family genealogy. We all ran into the same problem about free.

  • Maxi:

    So how far from yourself have you traced? As you say you are ‘lead to believe’ so you haven’t done that all important groundwork………………..

    Because if you haven’t got your ALL details down on paper, your parents, grandparents and any older relations you have and ALL their details & discussed this life long hobby you are under taking, such as when they were baptised, where, did they move to other houses, when, what aunts and uncles they remember and who were they married to, do them remember the children they had/do they remember their cousins ( same question asked in different ways will often get different answers)…maybe they can remember the church and if so did they go there, who else went there…………all this information gives you clues where to look, what records to look in, if you may need to look at indenture papers or parish chest papers to see if they did work for the church, so sent invoices and Wills and they include information………..or worked for the local gentry….so then you can look in manorial records, poor house records……..apart from finding out about the ‘bad apple’ who no one spoke about in the family who disappeared several times in his life and finally didn’t come back leaving a broken hearted family who never spoke of him again………however some months later the girl next door gave birth to a lovely baby son, although he had to be given away as the mum was so young she couldn’t care for him, so he was given to your grandma to bring him up………if you haven’t done this you don’t know your family and you have NO chance of finding it on the internet on ANY site in the World because by knowing this you learn a ‘gut instinct’ that when you spot a name, or see a place something in your head clicks and you don’t know why but ‘sometimes’ it takes you on a whole new path ( research) and the results can be amazing as you find everything you have been looking for to put that final piece in of the jigsaw picture of that part of the family tree…………if you didn’t KNOW your family then you wouldn’t have even looked at these records you would have put in a name, pressed a button….and hey presto 3 names come up, you would say, can’ be that one he is married to someone with a different name, can’t be this one as they lived too far away… it must be this one………and off you go putting in other details you get from seeing this one tiny bit of information and you have a 1-3 chance of being right, however you will never really know if your guess work paid off so you can just collect names as so many people do and think they are researching correctly, ‘pay’ or ‘free’ information from a website hoping it is right, hoping the website keeps coming up with information and when it doesn’t you have a how bunch of people fitted into a ‘family tree’…who you ‘guessed’ were your family and ‘hoped’ the information you look at was right..but there is no room for guess work, no room for ‘hoping’ but there is no room in researching and family history for that………. no website can give you the information your living family can and in this senario the person who traced without knowing their family and had got the ‘gut instinct’ ( that every real family historian has) you would have traced the wrong people completely, they are not even your family….you would never have looked in other records and looked some more and found 3 -4 -5 primary records to prove it…you wouldn’t have thought you had needed to………and all this is a real family history story yet I see this ‘family tree’ on a ‘quality, popular’ website and its wrong and its copied by others ‘tracing’ or collecting names to fill up ‘their family tree’
    ……… I really do ‘hope’ you find what you are looking for, however my advice would be to do your groundwork first… before you search online, get fed up because you can’t find it and don’t know what else to look at, wonder why there are 6 lots of separate information about the same person that seemed to marry people on the same date in the same year at the same place but with different names however you don’t realize where the information came from for the IGI database, but by using it as quickly acquired information it can be checked with more accurate records ………..what do they say, a tree stands up on a strong root system” and it is very true. ….this may help and there is more information on the interent which will help and its free from free software for your computer or forms you can use to get your relations to fill out for you the web is brill, it holds so much information, you can find others tracing the same family as yourself and its available 24/7 but you do need to know what information to trust and where to look otherwise you get fed up and all your work can get little or no real results.

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