My daughters will be spending a fall semester abroad in Ireland and want to fit in with the locals. One person said that they should not wear t-shirts or sweatshirts with any writing on them, and they should not wear tennis shoes. Is this correct? How do you know?

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  • froggequene:

    Your daughter should wear whatever she feels comfortable in & ignore anyone who tells you what she should & should not wear.

    Students in Ireland don’t have a particular ‘style’, they wear everything from high fashion to stuff you would milk the cows in, so whatever she usually wears will be fine.

    The most important thing to do is bring a warm, waterproof coat.

  • Orla C:

    Your daughter should dress in layers, to cope with the weather.

    That’s nonsense, you see t-shirts and sweatshirts with writing on them, and lots of people wear sports shoes.

    I know because I live in Ireland.

  • slipstreamer:

    The same as students everywhere really. That is nonsense about not wearing tennis shoes/trainers. University students throughout the US as well as Europe wear converse sneakers and jeans. She will need some good waterproof jackets however.

    I know because I’ve been to school with Irish students in the US and have visited Ireland. Students dress very much alike in Ireland, the UK and the US/Canada.

  • The plooper:

    Hi you,

    I’m a second year college student, and really in truth, anything goes. Most people wear T-shirts (with anything/nothing on them, its all the same) and jeans, but you certainly won’t look out of place with a sweatshirt. Hoodies are very common too. White runners or any type of normal shoe are a given. It is very similar, if not identical to American, Canadian, European or British clothes.
    Tennis shoes, sure, but make sure they are water-proof. And make sure they bring an umbrella and a water-proof jacket too =)

  • ∂σℓℓу мιχ:

    Wear whatever she wants! Seriously! Nobody passes remarks, and what students wear can be as diverse as anything!

    I’ve seen them wearing t-shirts and sweatshirts with writing in them, so there’s no problem there! Plus loads wear tennis shoes. I don’t know where that person was coming from.

    Just bring a coat/jacket anyway! The weather can be so tempermental. It can be really sunny one day and then raining like I don’t know what the next.

    Good luck to your daughter and I hope she has fun! 🙂

  • Like a Fox:

    They can wear whatever they want and whatever they feel comfortable in, there is no strict student dress code, it can range from high fashion to right on trend or very casual, or just someones personal dress sense. Part of being a student is dressing how you want and expressing yourself, so let them dress how they wish

    That is complete crap about the t-shirts and trainers, who on earth told you that?
    I myself wear jeans, a top or t-shirt and trainers, tennis shoes or pumps, just casual really, i’m not arsed getting mad dressed up for college, i do alot of walking about to and from college so i’d rather be comfortable

  • Flying mop dog II:

    Well I’m a student and I always wear that stuff.

    For just everyday wear you would probably wear runners (tennis shoes), jeans, and a hoody. It’s no problem wearing clothes with writing on it but I would probably avoid those ones with the writing across the seat of the trousers. We just wear normal comfortable clothes. The best thing about college is that you can wear what you want and nobody will give you a second glance. Sure I’ve walked around campus with a fuzzy trilby and nobody cared.

  • The Nine Lives of Laura Gonzales:

    Whoever told you that has no idea what they’re talking about. Just tell them to wear whatever they feel like.

  • Xzara:

    basically bring clothes to stop from feeling the wind and rain… i would recommend real comfy clothes too

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