I am travelling to Ireland for vacation with my wife and we read in our guidebook that a medieval feast, while expensive, is loads of fun to participate in. Problem is, I can’t find anything on the internet. Does anyone know of one or know of a resource on the net to go to? I’ll be in Ireland Aug 3-17

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  • M3:

    When I was there in 2003, they held one at Bunratty Castle. Here’s their website: http://www.group-trotter.net/ireland/places/bunratty/bunratty.html
    I did not see the feast on the website, but didn’t spend much time looking. Contact them to see if it is still offered. If not, they may be able to tell you who still holds them.
    Have fun!

  • socjfk:

    Bunratty Castle near Limerick has one

  • Muirchu:

    Bunratty Castle outside of Limerick has a “medieval” feast every night during the Tourist season(ie August). If you want to eat with your hands and throw food around (within reason) this is the place for you. It’s great craigh.When you are done, you can go to Dirty Nells next door and get a good pint.

  • hurricane_0_8:

    Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. I am not suggesting your participation in the feast will cause any medical problems 😉
    However, please remember to get good travel insurance. The best kind is independent of the travel provider or agent and covers trip interruption as well as medical coverage.
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    Best wishes.

  • Tara:

    I highly recommend Bunratty Castle. They give you a tour (enough to have interesting details, but not enough to be boring) followed by a feast with the castle singers. They have delicious food, and you’ll meet people from all over the world at the feast. We got drunk with some Aussies and it was super fun.

    The highlight of this is the honeymeade wine they sell there. They bottle and sell the stuff, too… I’m a fan of it… but the entire atmosphere just made me feel more at home there than I feel even at a renaissance festival.

    When you’re done, drive a few kilometers off from the castle to find some pubs. The downfall to the castle is that it is one of the most touristy places in Ireland, and that can get old after a while, especially if you want to do your own thing.

    Ireland has so many wonderful sites that you can ‘accidentally’ stumble upon… so I recommend planning some things like this, but leave time for the hospitality, nature, and history you will discover on your own.

  • knoWall:

    Put “Bunratty Castle” in your search engine also “Clontarf Castle” The first is near Shannon Airport the second near Dublin. Oh! Try “Dungaire Castle” Its near Kinvarra, Co,. Galway. Use the quotes when copy/pasting, OK?

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