How do you address the Duke of Edinburgh? I am receiving a certificate at Buckingham Palace today and have no idea how I speak to him or if I curtsey or not?

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  • Eddi:

    Your first say “Your Royal Highness”, do a quick curtsey when introduced, and then call him Sir.

  • iconoclast60:

    Just tell him you want 2 souvlaki to travel. He’ll get your order together quicker than McDonalds.

  • Ms. Minerva:

    The Duke is addressed, initially, as “your royal highness”….and, after that, if there is more conversation, he is addressed as “sir”.

    Yes, the Duke is always accorded a curtsey. In precedence, though not in the line of succession, he has been accorded by the Queen a position next to hers….he ranks, as far as precedence is concerned, ahead of Prince Charles.

    The Duke is not to be feared, he is never intentionally rude. He actually has lovely manners. What he does lack is the Queen’s (and Charles’) ability to come up with the kinds of conversational topics to make people in his presence feel less tongue-tied, over-awed, and uncomfortable. That kind of conversation comes easily to the Queen…who immediately tries to say things that help people feel less overwhelmed….”have you been waiting long?”….”how did you travel here?”….”how many trees did your civic group plant?”.

    Philip tries to do the same thing…and winds up making a mess of things. Remember though, that the Queen has often said that she could not possibly have done her job for so many years if he had not been right there at her side, stumping along with her throughout all the journeys of her life.

    She and her daughter both adore him…..and neither of them would do so if he were not, basically, a dear and loving man.

  • EEEK! a Rat ™ ®:

    Kiss with your tongue and show him your knickers not posh I know but this is Phillip remember, he will lap it up.

  • Lord Lucan:

    I address him as ‘Phil’ dear girl. However, as you are a commoner, you shall have to be a little more formal. I suggest you address him as ‘Philip’.
    His close friends call him Zorba but under no circumstances should you refer to him under this name.

  • C.G.:

    When first meeting Philip,he is addressed as “Your Royal Highness,” then thereafter as “Sir.”
    You shake hands,curtsy if you like or give a bow of the head.I think royals like to guide the conversation so listen and reply.

  • USA95:

    “Your Royal Highness”. Once you gave addressed him, a “Sir” should suffice.

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