How do you say hello, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good bye, good day, and good night in Scots and Scots Gaelic?

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  • Draegi:

    Anns an Ghaidhlig
    hello – halo (pronounced hal-lo)
    good morning – madainn mhath (pronounced ma-tane va)
    good afternoon/evening – feasgar math (fez-guh ma)
    good night – oidhche mhath (oy-ka va)
    goodbye – mar sin leat/leibh [leibh is polite/plural] (mar shin lead/layve)
    good-day – latha math (la ma)

    It’s tricky though. The d and t sounds are harder in gaelic, and the l sound is sortof thicker… hard to describe.

    Scots hasn’t really got a standard form so it’s harder and I don’t know it well enough to reproduce the dialectal forms anyway. Most people would probably just say the English terms in a Scottish accent.

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