We’re currently looking into moving to Europe, and were wondering if it were feasible, given the current economic problems. Can US citizens find work in Edinburgh or London (at least enough to get by?) Thanks in advance for any information!

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  • blα blα:

    Well it is the same situation as I explained to you for the Netherlands in that as an American you will need to obtain a work permit obtained on your behalf by a company that is willing to do so, and who must prove that the job position is so specalist that it can only be fulfulled by you and no other citizen from the EEA.

    You can read more here

    This is the same policy for all countries in the EEA.

    Add to that the fact that the ecomomic situation is hitting the UK very hard. The UK currently has the highest unemployement rate there since 1995. http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?ID=12

    Therefore you can pretty much forget being able to get work readily in the UK as an American (unless you have specialist skills/education that dictate otherwise)

  • Jason:

    you should stay in US. no work over here trust me:).
    maybe try sweden or other countries in UK is very bad at the moment.

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