Are there any trains going from edinburgh to aberdeen and if so how long does it take?

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  • xestrangedx:

    Im pretty sure the train leaves from Haymarket (in Edinburgh) to go to Aberdeen. I got a train once from Glasgow upto Aberdeen and it took nearly four hours. So take off maybe nearly an hour and it will probably be about right. Or check on the AA Route Map.

  • Chumbawamba:

    Yes there are trains that go from Edinburgh to Aberdeen. Check out their schedule at:

    The length of travel really depends on the train service you pick. They don’t all have the same stops. The fastest I guess would be around 2-1/2 hours, maybe a little less.

  • Mas:

    Usually about 2 and a half hours. That’s from Haymarket station to Aberdeen and depending on if there is any track work going on as well. You can get the bus which only takes 3 hours but there’s a change of bus in Dundee.

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