I have a bottle of springbank 10 year 100 proof 57% scotch whisky and i only had about 2 drams out of it and was wondering will it last a good 4 or 5 months if kept in a dark cool place? Will it taste the same as i opened it? I actually want to start a whisky collection but am worried about buying expensive whiskys and having them spoil down the road.

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  • tom4bucs:

    depends on how many friends know where the bottle is –
    may only last a week

  • Girl Girl:

    I have one open in my house-it’s opened for a very long time now, could even be a year, but it tastes the same- great!

  • Jason Schnyder:

    Hey got that bottle as well 😀
    Anyway, most whisky writers recommend that once opened you should consume the bottle within 4-6 months however if you store it correctly (sitting upright, lid sealed properly, cool dark place, ect) it should stay perfectly fine for a good year or so. I have a bottle of Ardbeg Supernova that I opened a good 8-9 months ago and I’d say it tastes the same now as it did when it was originally opened.

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