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  • Donna:

    there are no “britishers” and define “colony”.

  • Noah:

    The British Empire

    It depends upon what time in history you mean
    Ps never say britishers again.

  • Kameron F:

    every country that believed there lies like divinity!

  • ?:

    Define rule ?

    Define Country.

    Most of the answers will list the British Empire, however this usually leaves out the Balearic Islands, Corfu, Philippines and various other parts of the World, Germany anyone ?

    That Britain has been involved with does constitute a large amount, however we didn’t always want them, Egypt we were there for the Suez canal and free trade, and would have happily not been there at all.

    Jordan, modern day Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan. Iraq, Iran we were there purely for the trade and to stop the French from closing the open trade routes.

    We rarely fought local tribes either (it is a myth about the British army conquering locals armed with spears, apart from the Zulu wars, and they were largely to do with slaving) , it was usually the French who had a much larger Army and were always well armed.

  • Diana T:

    The British Empire was the single largest Empire in the history of mankind.
    At the height of its power, the British Empire covered over 33,7 million square kilometres (almost a quarter of the Earth’s total land area), with population of over 458 million (20% of the world’s population of the time). It was often said that “the sun never sets on the British Empire” because its span across the globe ensured that the Sun was always shining on at least one of its numerous territories.

    Most of the territories of the British Empire later merged into different countries, or united to form new countries and territories, so it’s almost impossible to write a list of countries AS THEY ARE now.
    It included not only colonies (which weren’t all that many), but also countries, lands and territorial entities that were protectorates, mandates, dependencies or simply occupied territories of the Empire.

    The following countries were parts of the Empire at different times as colonies, dominions, protectorates or other lands:

    1. Europe
    – Ireland (Northern Ireland is still part of the United Kingdom)
    – Gibraltar (still part of British overseas territories)
    – Isle of Man (now a self-governing British Crown Dependency)
    – Cyprus (nominally part of the Ottoman Empire, but fully administered by the Empire)
    – Malta
    – Minorca
    – Guernsey (including islands of Brechou, Herm, Jethou, and Sark)
    – Jersey
    – Heligoland
    – Ionian Islands

    2. Asia
    – India
    – Bangladesh
    – Afghanistan
    – Iraq
    – Iran
    – Syria
    – Jordan (Transjordan)
    – Palestine
    – Arab Emirates
    – Brunei
    – Kuwait
    – Oman
    – Burma
    – Singapore
    – Hong Kong
    – Malaysia
    – South Vietnam
    – Bahrain
    – Sumatra
    – Con Dao
    – Manila
    – Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
    – Maldives
    – Straits Settlements
    – Colony of Aden
    – Sulu
    – Muscat
    – Aden
    – Bengal
    – North Borneo
    – Kingdom of Sarawak
    – Weihaiwei (now part of China)

    3. Africa:
    – South Africa
    – Egypt
    – Ghana
    – Zimbabwe
    – Swaziland
    – Lesotho
    – Somalia
    – Uganda
    – Zanzibar (Tanzania)
    – Malawi
    – Sudan
    – Nigeria
    – Zambia
    – Namibia
    – Cameroon
    – Kenya
    – Nigeria
    – Sierra Leone
    – Cape Colony
    – Mauritius
    – Gambia
    – Zululand
    – Botswana
    – Matabeleland
    – British Central Africa Protectorates
    – East Africa Protectorates
    – Orange River Colony
    – Suez Canal Zone
    – Lagos
    – Tanganyika
    – Tati Concessions Land

    3. Northern America
    – United States (as separate states and lands)
    – Canada
    – Newfoundland

    4. Central and South Americas and the Caribbean
    – Anguilla
    – Antigua
    – Bahamas
    – Barbados
    – Bay Islands
    – British Guyana
    – British Honduras
    – British Virgin Islands
    – Cayman Islands
    – Dominica
    – Grenada
    – Jamaica
    – Leeward Islands
    – Montserrat
    – Mosquito Coast
    – St. Christopher and Nevis (St. Kitts and Nevis)
    – St. Lucia
    – St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    – St. Croix
    – St. Andrew and Providence Islands
    – Suriname
    – Trinidad and Tobago
    – Turks and Caicos Islands
    – Windward Islands

    5. Antarctic Region
    – Victoria Land
    – South Shetland
    – South Orkney
    – Graham Land
    – British Antarctic Territory

    6. Atlantic
    – Bermuda
    – Falkland Islands
    – St. Helena
    – Ascension Island
    – Tristan da Cunha
    – South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands

    7. Indian Ocean
    – Ashmore Island
    – Colony of Seychelles (including British Indian Ocean Territory)
    – Ceylon
    – Christmas Island (dependency of colony of Straits Settlement)
    – Cocos Islands (part of Straits Settlements)
    – Heard Island and McDonald Islands
    – Maldives
    – Mauritius
    – Seychelles
    – Andaman Islands

    8. Australia and the Pacific
    – Australia (dominion from 1901)
    – New Zealand
    – Tasmania
    – Baker Island
    – New Guinea
    – British Solomon Islands
    – Cook Islands (federation)
    – Fiji (part of British Western Pacific Territories)
    – Friendly Islands (part of British Western Pacific Territories)
    – Gilbert and Ellice Islands
    – Howland Island
    – Jarvis Island
    – New Hebrides (joint naval commission)
    – New South Wales
    – Niue (tripartite protectorate, part of British Western Pacific Territories from 1900)
    – Pitcairn Islands (part of British Western Pacific Territories)
    – Queensland
    – Samoa (tripartite protectorate)
    – Tokelau (part of British Western Pacific Territories)

    In addition, at different times, Britain occupied all or parts of Germany (one of the Berlin zones), Philippines and some other lands.

  • thin lizzy:

    Britishers ? Good heavens!

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