I would love to travel the United Kingdom
I’ve got some blood lines straight from Scotland & Ireland and would like to see London

I would be leaving from (most likely) JFK in NYC to go to London-Heathrow
stay in London for a night or two and have some fun there, See Abbey Road
see Chelsea and Stamford Bridge (i.e. my soccer team that I like) i’d love to go to a game but that might be hard to get tickets to,

is there a taxi or some kind of service to get you from London to Edinburgh or Glasgow ?
I’d like to go to both of those scotish cities due to the fact that my great grandfather was born in Edinburgh and grew up in Glasgow before immigrating to the United States
plus I wouldn’t mind going to see Loch Ness just to see it
plus I’d love to see Dublin, Ireland and go get some true Irish Whiskey and have fun there
return to London and then fly back home

any idea how much that would cost, mainly the taveling while I am there is probably going to bring in a hefty dollar other than that, I wouldn’t really be spending to to much money on “souviners” and things like that, just the basics to see those primary cities

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  • RoofingPrincess:

    Look at a map. Do you have any idea how far Edinburgh is from London? Over 400 miles! A taxi would cost you a fortune!
    Ireland is on a totally different island.
    Why not use your favorite search engine to research tours? You’ll probably be able to find one that takes you to all those places.

  • I should be doing something else:

    I had a look on Skyscanner which compares flights. You didn’t say when you plan to go so I did the beginning of May and the flights look like they will be around £500-£600 all in depending on when you go.

    Don’t worry about tying yourself into getting a flight to Heathrow, you can fly into any of the London airports and easily get a train into central London.

    Definitely do not get a taxi from London to Glasgow/Edinburgh. It is a long distance and will take hours and cost a fortune. You can easily get a flight from London to Edinburgh or Glasgow that will cost as little as £25.

    Once in Scotland, it will probably be cheaper to fly into Belfast (try to get a flight into Belfast City as opposed to Belfast International) the flight only takes 30 mins and again will only cost about £25, and then you can get the train down to Dublin.

    To estimate, which is hard as I don’t know when you will be going and for how long, I would allow £800 for flights, and then £80 per night for hotels (You can get hotels for less than this in London but they are few and far between)

    When in London buy an Oyster card for your travel and allow about £50 for this. Dublin and Edinburgh are easy enough to get around on foot so I wouldn’t worry massively about travel for these two, than about £20 a day for food.

  • David S:

    You cannot catch a taxi from London to Edinburgh or Glasgow. It is a distance of over 400 miles.
    Frequent trains from London to Euston to Glasgow Central take about 4 hours 30 minutes
    From London Kings Cross to Edinburgh take about the same time http://www.eastcoast.co.uk
    The lowest price rail tickets are those booked well ahead for specifically timed trains via the rail company websites. Booking opens 11 weeks ahead of your journey. To collect your ticket from the station, you will need the same credit card you used on line and your booking reference number.
    Or, you can buy a Britrail Pass before arrival in the U.K. http://www.britrail.com
    Internal flights in the U.K. are expensive unless booked well ahead and unlike rail fares the prices quoted do not include taxes, credit card charges, luggage charges and the cost of getting to and from airports and city centres.Trains go city centre to city centre. Taking the train you will see a lot of the U.K. as you travel

  • Judith:

    You could save yourself a lot of money by, first, buying a map of the UK and studying it.

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