While almost everyone in Ireland speaks English, how common and what occasions are Gaelic spoken in modern times?
Yes, you are all right “Its GAEILGE!!!” Thank you very much.

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  • Orla C:

    No one speaks Gaelic, dear. However Irish, Gaeilge or Erse is still spoken in the Gaeltacht areas of Cork, Kerry, Clare, Galway, Mayo and Donegal, and probably more besides.

    Gaelic is what is spoken in Scotland.

  • Caoileann B:

    there are very few places …. but i love irish (most of my friends find it weird ) and i go 2 the gaeltacht every year …its like a summer camp that u go 2 and live in houses where they all speak irish and go 2 classes and live ur daily life but speaking irish its great fun even tho it might not snd fun

  • lotg_4eva:

    gaeilge…its taught in schools-4 hours a week are compulsery!! durin de summer, teens do summer course called cursai samhraidh (summer courses as gaeilge!!) solicters have 2 b fluent in case sm1 demands there case to b heard in irish…so do teachers. in vryday life, its only used in the gaelteacht (irish speaking areas) and my parents speak it 2 me @ home…


    it’s spoken when it is horribly forced down the throats of students in schools,it’s thaught very badly

    and apart from in gaelscoilenna and in the gaeltacht irish is spoken quite infrequently

    and in respone to what the answerer above said,not every teacher has to speak irish,only primary teachers and irish teachers at second level do,

  • Misty Blue:

    I live in what’s known as a Gaeltacht area where Irish is spoken every day.I have three sons who are fluent in Gaeilge and went to schools were they were taught entirely in Irish.In the shops and pubs around where I live you are far more likely to hear people conversing as Gaeilge than in English.Mass is said in Irish,indeed it’s the first language of the vast majority.Even though my sons are off in Dublin and Australia they would speak with their friends who are with them in Irish.

  • Barbie:

    Quite often it comes up. Its GAEILGE!!! Different parts like gaeltacht areas!!!

  • Plato:

    Lovely to hear it and long may it live!

  • Cymro bach:

    The simple answer is it is spoken in all aspects of life and with out it well What would ireland be

    Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam


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