I have to memorize a poem for school. It is “The Tyger” by William Blake. Any advice on how to go about doing it?

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  • Hello:

    Repeat the first line. When you memorize the first line, repeat the first and second line. When you memorize those 2 lines, repeat the first 3 lines, and so on. Writing the lines out also helps.

  • lacey:

    sing it/ make up a tune for it like a song and do what “hello” said

  • Fairy x =]:

    Memorize by line & write as the first answerer said. .
    It really does help.
    & rehearse it. . in peices & whole. .
    & most inportantly: practice for not too long periods of time & often! =]
    Good luck!

  • artful:

    Pay attention to the rhyme scheme and to the meter or rhythm. Let them serve as memory jogging devices for you. Line 2, has to rhyme with bright and has to have a similar meter to line 1. Line four has to rhyme (in Blake’s dialect) with line three. Admittedly we don’t think of “eye” and “symmetry” as rhyming, but when you read symmetry so that it rhymes with eye, it gets burned into your memory.

    Also, pay attention to the meaning of the poem. That too will help you to remember the lines. Good luck.

  • fastlane2121:

    I memorize things by relating them to me in some way. Or thinking of it in another way — i.e. paraphrasing. Also, try to imagine it, put a picture in for those lines.

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