I need simple to understand. Also, please give a full summary of everything. less than a paragraph if you could! Thanks <3

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  • emgee79:

    Aliens helped the Druids build it.

  • Slugsie:

    Large stones rolled on logs with lots of people pulling/pushing.

  • James:

    Here is a man who’s building a stone henge in his back yard. His methods demonstrate how our ancestors may have built the structure without the need for any machines:

  • old man on the hill:

    it is generally accepted that the druids are responsible. a lot of theories have been put forth on that subject. but the simple truth is no one knows for sure


  • Dimitri:

    Some say Giants build it

  • kilroymaster:

    To be honest the only thing is not known about Stonehenge is who were the people that build it and all that can be offered to the general public is pure speculation and theories about the suppose builders of Stonehenge……………………………… For Stonehenge may forever remain a mystery to modern members of mankind……………………………

  • Zak T:

    You can’t possibly give a full summary of how Stonehenge was built in a paragraph. But let’s assume by Stonehenge you mean the massive sandstone (sarsen) structure and the re-used Bluestones set with (and forget almost 1500 years of other modifications and history – some before and some after the iconic monument was raised).

    First a concept had to be envisaged, some kind of ‘ground plan’ that conformed to what they wanted; an ‘architects drawing if you like. Then the plan had to be set out on the ground by surveyors, by this time the sarsen stones may or may not have been brought to the site. As the surveyors were working to a symmetrical geometric plan it could be scaled up on the ground without using too many measurements. The stones were worked off-site, such things as the lintel ring were pre-fabricated and the complex end joints formed on the ground (impossible to cut ‘in situ’). The Great Trilithon was raised first, we know this from archaeological excavation i.e. from the pattern of the foundation ramps (stone foundation cuts); the uprights of the Great Trilithon being the only pair raised with their flatter, better faces turned outwards (to face the midwinter sunset at the solstice)…

    Look I’m running out of ‘paragraph’, why don’t you just check out the book that explains all this.

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