Hey – my dad just recently passed away so to honor him my sister is doing a scottish wedding – we have his tartan as a sash that he picked up at highland game festival but with both my grandparents also gone and not much family tree info we are running into problems – we have identified Dunlap, Irvine and Armstrong in our lineage but none of them look like the tartan we have – so we just want to id this one and maybe get on the right track – I can send a pictures of it to help or if anyone knows anyone in the NE Pa area – around Philadelphia where I could take it – it would really help – thanks for the help.

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  • Mitchell:

    Well sometimes people will wear regional tartans meaning they are not associated with Clans just with regions or cities.
    you can search through this website for Plaids “tartans”
    if you can’t locate email me the picture and I’ll look and see if I can id it.

    p.s. if you email me thorugh my profile included your email so I can reach you yahoo answers doesn’t let you attach things in emails.

  • itsjustme:

    Have a look at the links posted below, I think the first one is totally dedicated to Scotland, there’s all sorts on there. The second one is dedicated to tartans, it’s very informative, just use the browser bar down the side, I chose to look at the MacArthur tartan, I couldn’t think of any other name, it was amazing what I found out from it. I hope that helps.

  • Deporodh:

    Suggestion #1: look in your local public library for “The Clans & Tartans of Scotland” by Robert Bain. Many of the commonest and oldest clan tartans are included in this invaluable reference volume, which primarily gives a color photo of each tartan (and also sometimes ancient, hunting, or dress tartans if any for that clan), together with a brief clan history, the clan motto, clan crest, and clan plant badge (the only truly ancient means of identifying Highlanders). It also includes an index of clan sept names that list the clans to which each sept (sub-clan, roughly) follows.

    Suggestion #2: look up a Scots import shop in your nearest major town and take in the sash and ask. Usually they’ll have a plethora of such sashes and scarves and therefor have a reference book of them (if the proprietor can’t identify it off-hand). If no local Scots import shop, look for summer “Highland Games” or “Celtic Gatherings” nearby. Unless you loathe the sound of bagpipes, they are a lot of fun to attend, and there are often Clan booths (Clan Armstrong, Clan MacLeod, Clan Campbell…) at which you may find good help.

    Suggestion #3: E-mail the photo and I’ll use my copy of Bain to see what I can see.

  • Jim:

    Keep in mind that the “clan authorities” identify multiple tartans for each clan — not only according to region, but also by function. For example, for Clan MacPherson I’ve seen dress plaids, hunting plaids, and traditional plaids in addition to plaids related to specific regions or branches. You can find a lot of info on tartans through the Rampant Scotland directory: http://www.rampantscotland.com/clans.htm#Tartans

  • Ali:

    General Research Guides for Students:


    Easy to use links that will help with all your research needs, try typing a keyword or two into the search engine and see what happens.






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