I have been thinking about moving in with my boyfriend in Scotland for a really long time now. Years. So, if I really started to consider it, what are the procedures i would have to go through to do so? I have heard from other people something about a visa? What is that?

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  • kwilfort:

    Yes you need to file a visa application with the British Embassy in DC and your boyfriend needs to file corresponding papers with the Home Office in London. You can come over on a tourist visa but if you overstay or they think you lied to get in the country you will be deported and not allowed back in for many years.

    Try this site: http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/passports-and-immigration/

  • LOVE:

    I think the best way to go there is to get married to your boyfriend and file for your paperwork. WORD OF CAUTION from an immigrant… you do not want to leave everything behind here in the USA and move to a foreign land without any back up! If anything, I think it is best that you stay put here in the US, don’t make anything more complicated for you! Is the relationship with your boyfriend stable? you need to ask yourself a lot of questions, before you move.
    Good luck!

  • mia:

    1) you need to be over 21
    2) you need to have met each other in person
    3) you need to prove you have been in a relationship

    then you can get a visa, it costs about $700 and is not easy to get

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